By Jean Seegers


ROCKTON – Talcott Library Children’s Librarian Marianne Stenzel retired at the end of the year.  She has been at Talcott Library for over 18 years.

Stenzel’s has left a legacy that lives on in many ways. First and foremost is the Adopt a Book campaign that she initiated 12 years ago. Recently she was thrilled to learn that 60 books were adopted in 2015: a record for the program.

Here’s how the Adopt a Book project works:  Anyone can purchase a book from the library’s collection.

“We price them and put them on display” Stenzel said. “Adopters choose the book (s) they prefer and indicate whose name will be placed on the certificate of adoption. The certificate (book plate) is placed on the inside cover and remains there for the life of the book.”

The library keeps a list of all the books sold. They become part of the library’s permanent collection and can be checked out.

The program is especially popular during the Christmas holidays. Books are often adopted by parents and grandparents. Eunice Daer of Rockton is enthusiastic about the program. “I adopt three books every year for my grandchildren.”Adopt-a-Book I






Jean Seegers photos

A record 60 books were adopted by Talcott Library patrons in 2015. Children’s Librarian Marianne Stengel (top left) started the “Adopt a Book” program in 2003. Front row, from left – Julie Van Lanen,  Aubrey, Preston, Jackie  Abby and Vivience, back row – Children’s Librarian Marianne Stenzel, Logan, Midi and Librarian Lisa Jolly.

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