VeteransCourtesy of Robert R. Ryder

Veterans Assistance Commission of Boone County Superintendent

BELVIDERE – The Boone County Veterans received 50 Christmas Food Baskets recently thanks to the generosity of a local company that donated all of the food.

“This really shows the wonderful support of the Belvidere/Boone County community for our veterans,” said Bob Ryder, Superintendent of the Veterans Assistance Commission of Boone County, about the local agency that helped coordinate and distribute the food baskets.

“This really tells our veterans just how much their service and sacrifice is remembered and appreciated. It will make for a much better Christmas for all of them!” Ryder added.

The local company has asked not to be identified, indicating they wanted to help local veterans in need, not for recognition, but for the simple pleasure of saying thanks to our veterans.

More than a dozen employees from the company also helped deliver the food baskets all across the Boone County area.

The Christmas food baskets included a turkey, canned goods, rolls, dressing and desert. They were delivered Friday, Dec. 18 and included a Christmas card with a food voucher from the Veterans Assistance Commission of Boone County.

“Many of these veterans would not have had a Christmas meal like this one without the help of this local company,” Ryder said.

“I can’t say thank you enough for their generosity. We’ve already received numerous phone calls from veterans who received a food basket thanking everyone involved. Last year we were able to deliver 25 food baskets and to double the amount this year really says a lot about the concern and respect for our Boone County Vets.”

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