By Kathryn Menue
BELVIDERE – On Friday, Jan. 15, the Belvidere Lady Bucs varsity basketball team faced off against the Harlem Huskies at Belvidere High School. Harlem won by a landslide 52-27.
Despite the upset game, the Belvidere girls did give impressive performances against the tough Huskies. Bryanna Williams led the team with a total of nine points and seven rebounds. Logan Delmore and Neve Yerk, also of Belvidere High School, each scored eight points for the Lady Bucs.
The Harlem Huskies stole the game though, with their top players taking over the court with dominating scores. Three players accounted for 36 of the 52 points.
Schmelzer and Dahle, of Harlem, each scored 14 points for the Huskies. Daily scored eight points for the Huskies to help lead them to victory.
Scores are courtesy of the girls’ basketball coaches of Belvidere High School

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