By Kaila Olsen
BELVIDERE – On Wednesday, Jan. 13, Rockford’s Guilford sophomore basketball team played against Belvidere North High School in Belvidere.
The first period was a rapid-fire-game with Belvidere North taking the lead 20-12.
The second period began with North making a three point shot and then stealing the ball back from Guilford and making a two point layup.
With three minutes left of the first half, Belvidere North took the ball and Marco Yates, #10, made a three point shot. Guilford took possession of the ball and was able to make a two point basket.
Belvidere North rebounded and made another three point shot, changing their lead to 31-18.
With 40 seconds left in the second quarter, Guilford fouled North resulting in a further lead for North after the free throw.
After halftime, Belvidere North’s Yates immediately shot and made another three point shot. Yates recovered the ball again and made yet another three pointer, bringing their lead up to 38-18.
Yates stole the show again with a two point layup. Guilford attempted to make a basket but missed, and Preston Boardman, #20 of North, recovered the rebound. Boardman passed the ball to Yates who scored another three point shot for Belvidere North, changing the total to 43-18.
Upon continuous missed baskets on Guilford’s end, Belvidere North recovered the rebound with Tyler Parod, #1, making a two point layup.
Then, with 3:03 left in the third quarter, North’s Kenny Epperson, #14, made a two point basket. Next, Guilford’s Seth Brumfield, #30, was fouled by Belvidere North and he made both of his free throw shots, making the score 47-20.
Brumfield, made the next score as well, a two point basket.
North’s Parod followed that play with a two point shot of his own for Belvidere North.
Then Guilford’s Nick Stevens, #10, also made a two point layup.
The next score was made when Belvidere North’s Epperson, was fouled by Guilford and made both of his free throws.
Next, with only 39 seconds left on the clock, Belvidere North scored two points, bringing the score to 53-24, and ending the third quarter.
The Blue Thunder Boys started the fourth quarter out with a three point shot, bringing their lead to 56-24. Next, Guilford’s Jyaire Robinson, #11, was fouled by Belvidere, and he made both of his free throws. With four minutes left of the game, Belvidere North’s JD Kirane, #4, made a two point layup.
Guilford’s Robinson, made the next shot with a two point basket. Robinson was fouled on that shot and made one out of his two free throws, making the score 58-29.
Then, with 3:17 left of the game, Guilford’s Brumfield made a three point shot.
Subsequently, with only 1:33 left of the game, Belvidere North’s Dilen Norgard, #21, made a two point basket.
Finally, Belvidere North’s Kirane, made the last point of the game with a two point layup, making the final score 62-32.

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