By Margaret Downing


LOVES PARK – At the Jan. 4 Loves Park City Council meeting an ordinance, second reading, “regulating development in floodplain areas” was approved per FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) regulations.

The ordinance “is enacted pursuant to the police powers granted to this city by the Illinois Municipal Code in order to accomplish the following purposes:

“To prevent unwise developments from increasing flood or drainage hazards to others…

“Protect new buildings and major improvements to buildings from flood damage…

“To promote and protect the public health, safety, and general welfare of the citizens form the hazards of flooding…

“To lessen the burden on the taxpayer for flood control, repairs to public facilities and utilities, and flood rescue and relief operations…

“Maintain property values and a stable tax base by minimizing the potential for creating blight areas…

“Make federally subsidized flood insurance available, and…

“To preserve the natural characteristics and functions of watercourses and floodplains in order to moderate flood and storm water impacts, improve water quality, reduce soil erosion, protect aquatic and riparian habitat, provide recreational opportunities, provide aesthetic benefits and enhance community and economic development.”

In other business, Alderman Clint Little gave the weekly police activity reports for the weeks of Dec. 20-26 and for Dec. 27-Jan. 2. The first report listed 477 calls for service, 172 arrests, and nine accidents. The second report listed 450 calls for service, 102 arrests, and 10 accidents.

Two weekly fire department reports were given – dated Dec. 27 and Jan. 4 in which one carbon monoxide or gas leak call on the December report was noted, and one each call for fire calls, fire alarm calls, public service calls, carbon monoxide or gas leak calls, gas wash down calls and wires down calls in the Jan. 4 report.

On the 2015 year-end report the fire department received 389 calls and a total of $379,675 in property loss to fire was reported.

Firefighters donated 150 “man-hours” to filling Christmas bags with toys and delivering the presents to102 needy children in Loves Park and Machesney Park. Alderman Little gave a “special thanks” to the firefighters who donated their time, saying they consistently “go above and beyond.”

Little also issued a reminder that residents make sure fire hydrants have snow cleared away from them this time of the year.

Aldermen approved payment of $20,927.32 in water department bills and $263,298.39 in general fund and all other bills.

Alderman John Pruitt gave the December building report stating 83 permits had been issued and 46,286 in permit fees were collected.

An ordinance, second reading, “fixing and approving wages, salaries, fees or compensation for city employees” was approved.

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