foodBy Kathryn Menue


BOONE COUNTY – With January underway and people trying to stick to their New Year’s resolutions, companies, clubs, organizations, and more can help each other maintain a very popular New Year’s resolution: living a healthier life.

Everyone has seen or heard about huge diet fads whether it is from the Weight Watchers commercials, the reality TV shows like “The Biggest Loser,” or through comical tropes showcased in sitcoms such as “The Office.”

In all of these health and wellness advertisements, one theme shines through. Each displays people banding together to achieve their health and wellness goals. They don’t go through it alone.

A popular trend sweeping through the nation now are wellness challenges where companies and other organizations aid employees or organization associates with their wellness goals. These organizations strive to give people a chance to live the healthy lifestyle they want to live, while still being able to focus on their other career and life goals.

For example, the Belvidere Area Chamber of Commerce is kicking off the wellness challenge: Challenge to a Healthy Life, where Chamber Members can participate to lose weight and become educated on how to live a healthier lifestyle.

“The Belvidere Area Chamber of Commerce and the Belvidere Family YMCA want to help you [Chamber Members only] reach your wellness goals,” the Chamber said.

In their challenge, members can create their own team or work individually to lose weight and learn about healthier alternatives to incorporate in their everyday lifestyle.

The program includes “progress monitoring and tracking by medical professionals, gym access, bi-weekly, interactive learning seminars on health and wellness by leading area professionals with healthy lunches included, weekly (private) weigh-ins, weekly prizes and activities, including Fitbits, personal training sessions,” and wellness items.

The challenge also includes helpful tips on how to stay motivated to wellness goals and different activities people can participate in to stay active, even at work.

The Chamber is promoting this wellness for the third year in a row to help create “a healthier workforce.” Companies and other organizations in the community can do the same. Take note of these wellness challenges and create a health plan that works well for your group.

As the Belvidere Area Chamber of Commerce advised, “Challenge yourself, your co-workers and your friends to be healthier.”

Banding together is a great way to keep your New Year’s resolutions and your goals for a better and healthier future.

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