By Kaila Olsen
ROCKFORD – On Friday, Jan. 22, at 5:30 p.m., Belvidere North’s sophomore basketball team faced off against Rockford’s Auburn Knights for an away conference game at Auburn High School. The game was very fast paced and both teams played hard and fought for a victory.
The game began with back-to-back lay-ups from both teams. The score was tied up 4 to 4, with Auburn finally breaking the pattern by scoring a three-pointer.
The two-point lay-ups then continued, with Auburn breaking it up again with another three point shot made off of a steal.
Belvidere North and Auburn continued with two-point lay-ups, which ended the first period 14-10.
The second period began with more two-point shots.
Then, North fouled an Auburn player who made both of his free-throws, making the score 20-12 in Auburn’s favor.
The Blue Thunder Boys took the ball and passed it down towards their hoop. They were able to make a fast two points.
Belvidere North brought the ball to their hoop again for another two-point-layup, which started the back-and-forth down the court of two point shots for both North and Auburn.
Next, Auburn fouled North, resulting in another two points for the Blue Thunder boys.
With only two minutes left of the second period, the Auburn Knights took possession of the ball and made another two points, so North had some ground to make up, which they did. Belvidere North came back with a three pointer and a free throw, making the score 24-20.
With only three seconds left in the half, Auburn made a two point layup. The shot ended the first half with a score of 26-20.
After halftime both teams played even harder than before. Auburn scored the first point of the third period, with a three point shot. Belvidere North followed that shot with a two point layup. Thus began the back-and-forth lay-up battle between North and Auburn.
Auburn made a free throw shot after a foul and the war of two-pointers began again.
Belvidere North took possession of the ball. The Blue Thunder Boys made their way to their hoop and shot a two point layup. Next, with only 10 seconds left on the clock, Auburn shot and made a three point basket, bringing their lead up to 39-28, and ending the third period.
The fourth period began with Belvidere North attempting to make a three point basket. They missed the shot but they did recover their own rebound and put the ball up for two points. Auburn took the ball down the court and made a three point shot. Auburn was fouled on the shot and went to the free throw line making one of two free throws.
Belvidere North came back with a couple of lay-ups, but Auburn came back strong after a timeout and made two three point shots.
Belvidere North took possession once again, and also made a three point shot, bringing the score to 79-37. Next, with only four minutes left of the game, Auburn made another three point shot, and was fouled by North. Auburn went up to the free throw line and made one out of two free throw shots.
With only 3:27 left in the game, Auburn made back to back layups.
With 2:35 left of the game, Belvidere North took a time out, which began the barrage of two pointers, yet again.
North ended strong making a free throw shot and a two-pointer. However, it wasn’t enough to lead them to victory. The Auburn Knights won 59-43.

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