By Jamie Buck

BYRON – Mental toughness is essential to becoming physically fit. The Battle of the Bulge workouts as well as the Curves Circuit involve training that mimics the way our bodies function in our everyday life, otherwise known as Body Weight or Functional Core-Based Training. We are forcing the muscles in our body to synergize, balance, and be agile, which is the most effective way to get lean fast. In addition to this, we incorporate Circuit Training, which allows you to do more exercises in a shorter period of time that burns extra calories, quickly.

We also incorporate Plyometrics (jump training), which has been shown to melt fat and produce the greatest strength gains in the shortest time possible by connecting speed with power. We utilize Peripheral Heart Action, constantly shunting blood back and forth between lower body and upper body. This elevates heart rate (burns more calories) and rapidly improves conditioning while reducing the amount of lactic acid in the muscles (which causes muscle fatigue).

The bottom line here is that it isn’t easy. In fact, these workouts are specifically designed to make you feel uncomfortable. This is where mental toughness comes into play. You can go through the motions of the greatest workout known to man day after day and not see much change. You need to DIG DEEP and push yourselves in each and every workout. Can your movements be bigger? Can you jump a little higher? Can you use more resistance? Can you move faster? You should be sweating! If you breeze through a workout, you are either not doing it correctly, need to add resistance, or you need to increase intensity and range of motion.

There is also a direct correlation between mental strength and consistency. It is difficult to be dedicated and consistent with nutrition and exercise when there are so many variables and roadblocks in life. Mental strength is required to make the right choice: get out of bed for early morning exercise; forego the snack before bedtime, etc. How do we acquire mental strength? Mental strength is acquired by doing something difficult you don’t want to do over and over again. Remember, RESULTS come from consistency and effort. Consistency and effort require mental strength!

There should be an underlying purpose and meaning behind your training…always! What is yours? The answer to this question should be looping through your mind during your workout…improving your level of mental toughness one workout at a time. Enjoy your week of workouts!!

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