bball1By Kaila Olsen


BELVIDERE – The boys Belvidere North varsity basketball team faced off against the Harlem Huskies on Wednesday, Dec. 16 at 7 p.m. The NIC-9 conference game was played at home for the Blue Thunder Boys.

To start out the game, Harlem tipped the ball and gained possession. They took it down the court and scored a two point layup. Belvidere North returned that score with a three point shot to take a one point lead. The next score was also made by North when Sebastian Gutierrez, #10, shot and made another three point shot.

Gutierrez did well in the first few minutes of the game, by also making a two point shot. That play brought North’s lead up to 8-2.

Next, during Harlem’s possession of the ball, Belvidere North fouled Allen White III, #35, of Harlem. White made one of his two free throw shots.

Harlem quickly came back to bridge the gap between the two teams, scoring a few two pointers in a row. North also scored, with Rylen Kirk, #22, scoring a three pointer to make the score 11-7.

Next, Austin Navickis, Harlem #11, made a three pointer followed by North making a three pointer. Harlem’s Travis Givson, #2, came back with another two points.

As was the trend of the game, Belvidere North’s Evan Waddell, #12, came right back with a two point lay-up of his own.

Harlem’s Brock Soter, #1, came back with a three point shot.

North’s Bennett O’Connell scored a two-point-lay-up to help strengthen their lead.

Navickis didn’t let the gap stay long when he retaliated with his own two-pointer.

Then, Harlem took their first time out of the game.

Right after the time out, Harlem’s Brenton Shaw, #23, went down the court and shot the ball into the basket for two points. North’s Matt Konkler, #2, followed that play with a two point shot as well, ending the first period.

The second period began with Harlem stealing the lead. Fortunately for Belvidere, Harlem’s lead didn’t last long.

North’s Aaron Stewart, #3, gave Blue Thunder a two point lead by scoring a three pointer. Harlem and North continued to go back and forth in the lead by each team sinking three pointers.

With the clock running down of the second quarter, Harlem fouled North’s Cameron Chadwick, #11, resulting in a free throw point.

Then Harlem’s Givson, made a two point layup, making the score 27-26. Givson quickly stole the ball back from Belvidere and made another two point layup.

With only 25 seconds left of the second period, Kirk of Belvidere North, made a three point shot. Harlem came back with a two pointer to tie the game at 30-30 at the end of the half.

Belvidere North started the third period by scoring three points, but Harlem followed that play by making a two point shot, making the score 33-32.

Next, Belvidere North’s, Jake Bannon, #5, made a two point layup. A traveling penalty was then called on Harlem giving the ball back to the Blue Thunder Boys who went on to score a two point layup and a two point basket.

Harlem fouled Belvidere North and North made one out of his two free throw shots.

Harlem recovered the rebound from the second free throw and made a two point basket. The next score was also made by Harlem and was good for three points. Harlem was doing very well at keeping the ball in their possession, and preventing North from scoring. Harlem made their third score in a row with a two point layup.

Then, with 2:12 left of the third period, Belvidere used another one of their time outs.

After the time out Harlem’s Givson, shot and made a two point layup, taking a one point lead once again, with a score of 40-41; the last score of the third period.

The first play of the fourth period was a two point layup made by North. Harlem’s Desmon Moore, #3, made the next two point basket.

Then, with 6:47 left to play, Harlem took a time out. After the time out Harlem lost the ball and Belvidere North’s Navickis, recovered it. He was fouled on that play and made one out of his two free throws, tying the score at 43-43.

Harlem’s Soter made a 3 point shot, breaking the tie and taking the lead. Belvidere North’s Konkler, took the ball down the court and made a two point layup, making the score 45-46. Then, Harlem’s Givson, also made a two point layup, and with 3:56 left of the game North took a time out.

The next two minutes both teams started to play very sloppy. The referee’s were calling penalty after penalty.

After all of the penalties, Harlem’s Givson scored another two points. Givson made the next shot as well.

Then, with only 45 seconds left, North fouled Harlem’s Shaw, who made one out of his two free throws. Belvidere North’s O’Connell, was then fouled by Harlem, and made one out of his two free throw shots. Harlem’s White attempted to dunk and missed, but recovered his own rebound and made a two point layup.

To end the game North fouled Harlem’s Moore, who made one of his two free throw shots. Belvidere North lost with a final score of 47-58.

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