Locally-owned business to repurpose Rockford’s Christmas tree as auction item for Paint the Downtown Green event

ROCKFORD – The Rockford Area Convention & Visitors Bureau is thrilled to partner with a local area business, Mulvain Woodworks, to repurpose Rockford’s Christmas tree into a custom-designed table that will be among items auctioned at RACVB’s Paint the Downtown Green event on March 18.

The lumber from the 50 ft. Norway Spruce tree is now onsite at Mulvain Woodworks, 14578 Center Road, Durand, until March 11 when the project will be completed.

The partnership between the RACVB and Mulvain Woodworks exemplifies sustainability and restoration as downtown Rockford’s iconic Christmas tree is transformed into a custom wood table.

“This project is an opportunity to support our local maker movement in the Rockford region and to show the collaborative efforts that can be achieved by working together.

“While admiring the brightly lit tree in downtown Rockford, I wondered how we could utilize our resources at Mulvain Woodworks to give back to the community.

“After talking with the RACVB it became apparent that repurposing Rockford’s Christmas tree was a great way for us to allow its legacy to live on in the form of a table where people will continue to gather and make memories as they did watching the tree lighting at Stroll on State,” said Nick Cook, Mulvain Woodworks Customer Service Manager.

Mulvain Woodworks is a manufacturer of wood parts for projects in residential and commercial spaces. This locally owned business is in Durand Illinois and has been serving northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin for over 20 years. Additional information can be found at www.mulvainwoodworks.com.


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