healthBy Kathryn Menue


BOONE COUNTY – With the New Year comes extra responsibility. People are getting back to work, setting New Year’s resolutions and trying to keep them, readying themselves for the tax season, and dealing with the responsibilities life throws at them every single day.

However, one other thing that shouldn’t be overlooked is finding health insurance coverage for 2016. Heath insurance is an important asset to have to help with everyday medical costs and to have when unexpected accidents occur.

Since the creation of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, everyone needs to be covered under a health insurance plan so they are covered in case of a medical emergency and so they do not get fined at the end of the year from not having any insurance.

Unfortunately, time is running out for Boone County residents to get covered under a health insurance plan. Residents have until Jan. 15 so that they can have health insurance for 2016 by Feb. 1.

Even though the deadline is Friday, Jan. 15, there is still time to get covered. The Health Insurance Marketplace is open to assist residents in need of a healthcare plan for 2016.

People in need of health insurance can still visit or to find an insurance plan that is right for them.

Both websites are a tool where people can find a health insurance plan that works in their budget, while also providing them with options for extra insurance plans and providing them with answers to frequently asked questions.

The Healthcare Marketplace provides numerous options for regular healthcare plans such as physician visits and catastrophe plans, along with plans for dental and vision.

Once people find the plan they want, the website will take them through the step-by-step process to get covered under that plan.

The websites also provided added information and options for people under the age of 30, self-employed people, the unemployed, retirees, people with Medicare, pregnant women, same-sex married couples, immigrants, military veterans, people with disabilities, American Indians, incarcerated people, transgendered people, and small businesses.

If you can’t find or complete enrollment for a plan by Friday, Jan. 15, don’t fret.

“The Health Insurance Marketplace is open for business only for a few more weeks,” representatives of the Health Insurance Marketplace stated.

The Health Insurance Marketplace is open until Sunday, Jan. 31. People must enroll by Jan. 15 to receive health insurance by Feb. 1, but can enroll by Jan. 31 to receive health insurance for 2016 after Feb. 1.

However, the sooner someone enrolls, the sooner they will be covered.

For more information on how to get covered please visit or

If you need local assistance, please visit or call (866) 311-1119.

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