Basketball pic - 1
By Kaila Olsen
ROCKFORD – On Friday, Feb. 5 at 7 p.m., Belvidere North’s varsity basketball team faced off against Rockford’s Guilford Vikings at Guilford.
The game began with Belvidere North’s Bennett O’Connell, #13, scoring the first points of the game with a two point layup.
Guilford came back with a layup, courtesy of Tenoah Tatum, #31. Thus began the war of the two pointers between Blue Thunder and Guilford, with North’s Grant Behling, #21, scoring his first points of the game, which was the last score of the first.
The second period began with Guilford immediately scoring three points, which started the back and forth between North and the Vikings making three pointers.
Belvidere North’s O’Connell finally broke the pattern by scoring a two pointer and a free throw.
Guilford took their lead back with two points on a free throw, making the game total 19-20.
North and Guilford remained neck and neck for the remainder of the first half.
The third period began with Guilford scoring three two point shots in a row, followed by a free throw point.
North also had a foul and scored two points off of a free throw, bridging the gap of Guilford’s lead: 28-35. Belvidere North’s O’Connell made the next point of the game with a two point layup.
Guilford came out strong again with four more points.
Belvidere North got the ball and made a three pointer.
Guilford followed that play with another two points, which started the back and forth of scoring, until both teams faced turnover after turnover.
No points were scored for a while until North’s Gustafson made a two point shot.
With the third period winding down, Guilford scored again. Then, fouls continued with both teams scoring off of free throws to end the period.
The fourth period began with North scoring a two, two pointers.
The game was tied again at 48-48, but Guilford broke free with a two point layup. North also made another two pointer to bring the tie back again.
Again, Guilford broke away until North’s Evan Waddell made two free throw, which again started the back and forth scoring, keeping the game close.
Towards the end of the game, fouls kept occurring with both teams increasing their lead.
Guilford kept their lead in the end with a final score of 69-64.

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