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DURAND – On Wednesday, Jan. 27 the Durand High School in partnership with Durand Charm held its first career fair in the gymnasium. The event was meant as a way to expose students to a variety of career choices so in the future they can make informed decisions when it is time to make their own career choices. The event was held for the Juniors and Seniors in Durand High School but may be expanded next year to Sophomores.
Although many of the students may have already determined where they are going for College or have career paths in mind that doesn’t mean things don’t change down the road.

“I think it is important to expose our kids to a wide range of options because their probably going to change three or four times before truly finding what they want to do for a career, not just a job,” said Durand High School Principal Mike Leskowich.

The career fair had professionals from Nursing, CNC Machining, Sales, Marketing, Early Childhood Development, Agriculture and Construction Trades. An effort was made to try to include professions that didn’t require a 4 year degree, as some students may be looking to go a different route.
Many of the students seemed to appreciate that as well, when asked what they most enjoyed about the Career Fair.

“My favorite thing was learning about the construction trades (carpenters, plumbers, masons, and plasterers) because I didn’t know anything about them so learning about them was cool and different. It opened up my prospective a little bit more,” said Senior Autumn Oakey.

Others appreciated the diversity of the speakers.

“Learning all the different options that were available even if you really want to go to college or if you aren’t feeling it, there is something that you can do and be happy with,” said Senior Aldair Alvarez. “Taking an hour out of the day to potentially help a student make a huge decision down the road is a huge benefit to the kids and the community. I know I never had anything like this when I was in High School and I really think it would have helped me make smarter career choices if I had,” said Matt Wolf the Executive Director of Durand Charm who helped organize the event.

Durand Career Fair 1

Nursing Presentation – Abbey Pitney of Rockford Memorial Hospital talks to the students about the field of nursing. Courtesy photo

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