MACHESNEY PARK – The Harlem-Roscoe Fire Trustees hosted their annual Awards Dinner on Feb. 5 at Forest Ridge Events in Machesney Park. Numerous awards were presented along with special recognition for years of service to the district and the communities within. Some highlights are:

Special recognition was given to three fire personnel for their 25 years of service in fire and EMS: Guy ‘Snoopy’ Stirts, Engineer Ron Klaman, and Firefighter Mike Sherbon.

Other Fire Years-of-Service Recognition:   15-year Fire – Capt. Mike Huffman, Paul Stanphill, and Harry Wagner. 10-year Fire – Joe Koeninger, Rob Lukowski, and Jordan Stark. 5-year Fire – John Bunger, Mike Helland, Ken Krause, Sean Laurent, and Marcia Soppe.

New Firefighters – David Fleetwood, Tyler Gilbertson, Kelly Hamill, Austin Richards, Steven Rosander, and Brandon Sherbon.

Medical Years-of-service Recognitions: 15-year medical -Capt. Mike Huffman, Keith Lincoln, and John Morgan. 5-year medical – Lt. Josh Hoffland, Lt. Steve Shoevlin, Lt. Brandon Tietz, Scott Jensen, and Greg Wernick.

New Paramedics – Steven Rosander and Kelly Hamill (PHRN) and New EMTs – Austin Richards and Brandon Sherbon

Other awards: The Firefighter Good Service Award went to Lt. Brandon Tietz.  Each Fire Station voted on a most valuable member. This new award went to Sta. #1 – Engineer Marty Green, Sta. #2 – Firefighter Mike Helland, and Sta. #3 – Lt. Brandon Tietz. And the Chaplain of the year went to Chaplain Sue Null.

Firefighter John Donovan was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.

Recognition for State Training Certifications – Fire Officer 2 – Capt. Ryan Alms. Fire Officer 1 – Rob Gonia. Instructor 2 – Battalion Chief Jay Alms and Capt. Ryan Alms. Instructor 1 – Lt. Josh Hoffland, Lt. Patrick Trollop and Ryan Sarver.  Advanced Technician Firefighter – Lt. Radi Huggard, Justin Harwood and Greg Wernick. Basic Firefighter – Ryan Messinger, Nate Sarver, and Josh Wilkerson. Technical Rescue Awareness – Ryan Messinger, Nate Sarver, Mike Sherbon, and Josh Wilkerson. Fire Service Vehicle Operator – John Bunger, Nate Sarver, and Tim Schrader. Vehicle – Matt Bush, Justin Harwood, Radi Huggard, Joe Koeninger, Ryan Messinger, Ryan Sarver, Mike Sherbon, Lt. Patrick Trollop, and Greg Wernick. Rope Ops – Lt. Justin Mayton, Lt. Patrick Trollop, Shannon Burbach, Chris Farr, Mike Helland, Stefanie Layman, Brett Parrish, Nate Sarver, Lt. Steve Shoevlin, and Josh Wilkerson. Watercraft Technician – Lt. Justin Mayton. HazMat Awareness – Nate Sarver and Josh Wilkerson. HazMat Ops – Ryan Messinger, Nate Sarver, Mike Sherbon, and Josh Wilkerson. HM Tech A – Josh Wilkerson. HM Tech B – Ryan Sarver and Lt. Brandon Tietz. Advanced Fire Prevention Officer – Capt. Ryan Alms. Fire Inspector 2 – Capt. Ryan Alms.

Retirement recognition was given to Dispatcher Guy ‘Snoopy’ Stirts and Fire Prevention Bureau Chuck Schoonover and Ken Kelly.

Most Volunteer Fire Runs: Station One: 1st Place – Marty Green and 2nd Place – Engineer Mike Drost. Station Two: 1st Place – Jerry Caskey and 2nd Place – Capt. Mike Huffman. Station Three: 1st Place – Capt. Tim Bergeron and 2nd Place – Lt. Steve Shoevlin.

Most Volunteer Medical Runs: Station One: 1st Place – Rico VanderHeyden and 2nd Place – Lt. John Donovan. Station Two – 1st Place – Jerry Caskey and 2nd Place – Mike Sherbon. Station Three: 1st Place –  Lt. Brandon Tietz and 2nd Place – Josh Wilkerson.

Fire Awards V







Photo courtesy of Harlem-Roscoe Fire Dept.

HRFD Most Valuable Members award

Firefighters from each Harlem-Roscoe Fire Station voted on a most valuable member. This new award went to Station #1 – Engineer Marty Green, Station #2 – Firefighter Mike Helland, and Station #3 – Lt. Brandon Tietz.

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