Little Lloyds (1)
By Kathryn Menue
BELVIDERE –“At Little Lloyd’s Vacuums, we are dedicated to giving you BIG service at LITTLE Lloyd’s pricing.”
Little Lloyd’s Vacuums has opened its doors in Boone County. The business opened Nov. 17, 2015.
Owned by Lloyd Roberts, who was born and raised in Belvidere and is a proud graduate of Belvidere High School, Little Lloyd’s Vacuum’s is a family owned business, run by Roberts and his wife, which is dedicated to bringing excellent service to the Boone County community.
Roberts has 10 years of experience under his belt.
“I actually worked for my competitors [Swanson’s Vacuum’s] for 10 years,” Roberts said. “I actually liked it a lot.”
He worked at four of Swanson’s store locations, two of which he managed.
After dedicating 10 years to the vacuums, Roberts decided on a huge career change: teaching.
“I wanted to give back to the community,” Roberts said.
Using his Master’s Degree in Mathematics from NIU, Roberts taught in Rockford schools for eight years.
While teaching, Roberts kept up on newer vacuum models and would still do vacuum repairs for friends and family on the side. His mathematical background gave him an edge with his repairs.
Eventually, the vacuum business called to him again, and he opened Little Lloyd’s Vacuums, located at 301 N. State St. in Belvidere.
“It’s the perfect location. Plenty of parking. It’s cute and it has character,” Roberts said.
The building’s character still shines through with Roberts’ new business, even with the overhaul the Roberts’ family had to do to set-up shop.
Little Lloyds (2)“We had to renovate the whole inside. Last winter, the pipes burst in 12 different places and flooded everything,” Roberts said.
The renovation was a blessing in disguise, allowing the Roberts’ family to design their new business the way they wanted with an accessory stocked entrance, a showroom for the vacuums and various cleaners, and the repair shop located in the back with a window where Lloyd can greet customers.
Little Lloyd’s Vacuums has a variety of services to offer customers, which includes: “full repair of any make and model vacuum, shampooer, scrubber, buffer, and more; cleaning and servicing of floor care machines at the lowest price in the area; and free recycling of any unwanted floor care machines.”
Soon, Little Lloyd’s will offer their own brand of cleaning solutions that use more natural, less harmful chemicals.
Little Lloyd’s also works with customers to ensure they are getting the best deals for their money.
“If you want to save money on a repair, we will try to find gently used parts to use on your machine,” Little Lloyd’s website states. “We are dedicated to bringing high quality service to this area while keeping our pricing as low as possible.”
Little Lloyd’s has great deals with all of the merchandise they carry. Customers can find bags, belts, and filters for every major brand.
If anyone is in need of a specialty item, Lloyd’s can take care of that as well. They will order the item especially for you. If it is backordered, Roberts will even loan customers a vacuum so they can still get their cleaning done.
Not only do they handle repairs and orders, but Little Lloyd’s Vacuums sells both new and refurbished machines at a reasonable price as well like the cordless vacuum / Bissel.
Plus, Little Lloyd’s dedicates their services to the community by supporting other local businesses by collecting their business cards and displaying them at his store, by promoting local technology based 4-H group: the Flaming Monkey’s, by donating to Belvidere football, and by giving a 10 percent discount to teachers, police officers, and firefighters.
If you or someone you know is in need of vacuum servicing and more, then help support the local, family owned business: Little Lloyd’s Vacuums.
“I want them [customers] to understand that this is a local business,” Roberts said. “We’re not looking to go national. It’s all about helping the people of Belvidere and making it more convenient for them.”
Little Lloyd’s Vacuums is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The business is closed on Sundays.
For more information about Little Lloyd’s and the services they offer, please call (815) 975-9761, or go online to their website at Little Lloyd’s Vacuums can also be found on Facebook and Twitter at: Little Lloyd’s Vacuums Sales and Repairs.

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