By Margaret Downing


ROSCOE – Village President Dave Krienke wants to hear from residents about concerns they have with life in Roscoe.

On Saturday, Feb. 27 starting at 7 p.m. Krienke and other village officials will be present for a town meeting to be held at Kinnikinnick School, 5410 Pine Lane.

Krienke says he and others will try to answer questions put by residents.

“If we get a good turnout, I’d like to hold this type of meeting twice a year,” he explained. “We will try to answer as many questions as possible – We want open communication with residents.”

There have been several issues that are important to people in Roscoe, such as garbage pick-up, which is currently costing the village about $500,000 a year. In the past ,residents paid through a tax levy for pick-up but a former village president had that tax levy removed, Krienke explained, putting the costs into the general fund for the village to pay.

A new contract of the village with Advance Disposal in Roscoe was recently agreed upon.

“Some of the trustees would like to see residents pay for the service,” Krienke said.

Another issue deals with some in the village wanting a new police department built at a cost of about three million dollars.

“Revenues are shrinking, one example being how our Motor Tax Fuel funds from the State are getting to be less due to the drop in the price of gasoline fuel.”

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