By Kathryn Menue
MARENGO – Despite Sunday, March 20 marking the first day of spring for 2016, the chilly weather and the threat of snow is still lurking in the skies. The gloomy and unwelcoming weather may be deterring the real visions of spring, but it can’t deter spring sports.
Spring sports for area schools began even before spring did with baseball and softball swinging into practices and games before anything had a chance to start blooming.
Another sport joined the spring lineup on Tuesday, March 22 for area schools.
The Belvidere High School boys’ tennis team took to the courts at Marengo Community High School on Tuesday, defeating the Marengo Indians in all six matches to take the victory.
The winning streak began with the singles matches where Ben Deardorff of BHS defeated Marengo’s Ethan Schmitt 6-4 in the first round and 6-4 in the second round.
David Saldana also accomplished a two round win against Jordan Sauceda of Marengo. Saldana won the first round 6-2 and the second round 6-3.
Ivan Ramos won the third and final singles match for BHS defeating Tristan Vance 6-0 in both rounds.
In the doubles matches, Oscar Pereznegron and Jose Ramirez took on Ben Mussell and Chris Amendt of Marengo. The BHS combo led the Bucs to another shutout games with Pereznegron and Ramirez winning both rounds 6-0.
In the second doubles match, the shutouts continued with Stephen Saynor and Casey Cacique defeating Devin Kanaly and Parker Mortensen 6-0 in both games.
In the final round of doubles, Faustino Gallegos and Jose Fernandez of BHS continued the winning streak over Marengo. They defeated Jacob Vance and Anthony Gailloveto 6-0 in both rounds.
Scores are courtesy of BHS Varsity Boys’ Tennis Coach Dan Koenings.

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