Patricia Elder - 2
By Kathryn Menue
BOONE COUNTY – Boone County Supervisor of Assessments Patricia Elder received The Marshall Theroux Memorial Award for her dedication to assessment standards.
“It [The Marshall Theroux Memorial Award] is given by the Illinois Property Assessment Institute annually to an assessment official that has demonstrated excellence in the field,” Belvidere Township Deputy Assessor Jessica Muellner said.
The Illinois Property Assessment Institute (IPAI) awarded Elder with this honor at their annual spring conference in Bloomington, Ill. on Tuesday, March 22.
According to the IPAI’s website, The Marshall Theroux Award was “established to annually recognize a member of the Illinois assessment profession who demonstrates high ethical standards, professional achievement, and dedication to the service of others.”
Each year, members of the Illinois assessment profession nominate their peers for the award. Members of Boone County nominated Elder by submitting a statement about Elder’s dedication to the community.
“I actually wrote the letter that nominated her [Elder], but all of the assessors in the county were happy to sign on,” Muellner said.
The statement illustrated Elder’s phenomenal performance in her position.
Patricia Elder -1“When you work with Ms. Elder, it is immediately noticeable the level of personal investment she has in the process. She is able to share information and encourage without pressing any specific agenda. She is well informed about the assessment process, keeps on top of legislative initiatives that affect assessment, and is very quick to share and discuss that information with any that would be interested,” the statement reads.
Elder’s dedication encompasses organizing assessments and property taxes for clinics across the county.
“I do not believe these clinics would have been possible without her leadership, and we all benefit from our community’s expanded knowledge about their rights and responsibilities with respect to property taxes,” the letter states.
The statement also includes that Elder is always planning for the future, sharing her ideas, networking throughout the county, updating her personal knowledge on changes in the system, and committing her work to the highest standard of perfection.
Elder is a “leader” who “strives for clarity, transparency, and accuracy…in addition to setting the bar very high for accountability as a public servant.”
Patricia Elder - 3Although Muellner wrote the letter, other individuals supported the nomination, including: Belvidere Township Assessor Tamara Torrance, Bonus/Spring/Poplar Grove/Caledonia Township Assessor Kathi Hendrickson, Boone/Flora Township Assessor Glen Gratz, Manchester/Leroy Township Assessor Kris Hall, Belvidere Township Chief Deputy Assessor, Belvidere Township Commercial Deputy Assessor Michael St. Angel, and Belvidere Township Assessment Clerk Julie McCoy.
Thanks to Elder’s supporters, the IPAI Board of Directors chose her to not only receive The Marshall Theroux Memorial Award, but also a scholarship from the Certified Illinois Assessing Officer (CIAO) organization, and a recognition plague from the institute.
Elder is the only person from Boone County to receive this award since the award started in 2000.
About the Illinois Property Assessment Institute
Patricia Elder - 4“The Illinois Property Assessment Institute was established more than 50 years ago to elevate professional standards for and provide educational opportunities to assessment professionals throughout the state of Illinois.
The IPAI is the only education provider focused on the distinct needs of Illinois assessment professionals. To meet our mission of ‘elevating and enlightening’ Assessing Officials and professionals, we’ve developed a comprehensive curriculum that we offer annually throughout the state.
All of our classes are taught by practicing assessment and business professionals who bring expertise and everyday experience into the classroom. The IPAI is a non-profit organization, funded solely by course revenue.
We also own and confer the CIAO designation; the primary designation used to qualify for election or appointment in Illinois.”
The IPAI founded The Marshall Theroux Memorial Award “in the name of the former Wheeling Township assessor, who was a leader in the development of assessment standards, practices, and education.”

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