By Kathryn Menue
BELVIDERE – Most sports are outdoor sports. Even sports that are traditionally played indoors can be transferred outside. Football, basketball, baseball, golf, tennis, lacrosse, volleyball, track and field, cross country, soccer, and hockey are just a few sports that can continue game play either inside or outside.
One sport that is pretty limited to the indoors is bowling.
With the winter weather melting away, children are bursting at the seams to leave their indoor confinements that have protected them from the winter and venture outside to enjoy the oncoming spring.
Of course, there are some kids who are dedicated enough to bowling that they stayed inside this past week to continue pursuing their passion.
On Saturday, March 5, the passion and dedication shown by these local bowlers paid off for the eight youth bowlers who made the high scorers list for the youth bowling league at Concordia Lanes, located at 1205 Logan Ave. in Belvidere.
In the Cookies and Milk category, Cora Jones made the list with her high score of 74. She makes the list each week for her category, slowly improving throughout the season. She has progressed the past few weeks in consistently averaging in the mid-70s range for scoring.
In the Bantams division, Angelica Robles scored a 77 game with a 121 series, while Andrea Robles scored a 64 game with a 125 series. Also, making the top scorers list was Mason Kahl, who also attained a 125 series.
In the Preps category, Chad Morgan came through to the top with his high score of 153 with a 413 series. Mollie Jones also made her debut on the high scorers list with her high score of 95 with a series of 266.
In the final division, the Junior/Majors, Aaron Rochon made the list again with his high score of 208. Greg Suthers had a high series of 570.
The dedication from these youth bowlers rolled over into Monday night’s games as well with another set of high scorers.
In the Cookies and Milk league, Noel Capadanno jumped up into the 80s with her high score of 81.
In the Bantams category, Brooklynn Wilkinson was on the brink of a 100 game with a high score of 99 with a 192 series.
In the Preps division, Skiler Wright was a newcomer to the list with a score of 108 and a 189 series. Branndon Fowler made the list again with a 115 game and a 305 series.
In the final category, the Junior/Majors, Morgan Dawly topped all the other young ladies with her score of 159 with a 454 series. Trevor Dawley had the highest score of all with a 225 and Kevin Jenks had the highest series with a 522.

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