Free little library
By Carrie Morelock
Guest Contributor
POPLAR GROVE – It’s a bird (house)! It’s a post box? No, it’s a Little Free Library!
Thanks to superior craftsmanship by Jerry Swartz, there is now a beautiful little house dedicated to bibliophiles everywhere standing proudly outside Jefferson Prairie Lutheran Church.
The Little Free Libraries rely on donations of good books to fill the box and eager readers to keep the books in circulation.
All are welcome to join in this exchange betwixt book lovers. Books need not be returned and library patrons are cordially invited to enjoy their books amidst Jefferson Prairie’s tranquil, rural setting (perfect for reading!). The next time your journeys take you to the Stateline, stop in at Jefferson Prairie and grab a book!
Jefferson Prairie Lutheran Church is located at 23184 Bergen Road in Poplar Grove just a quarter mile south of the Stateline at the junction of Illinois 76 and Wisconsin 140.

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