Bowling Strike rot/orange
By Kathryn Menue
BELVIDERE – There is something about sports that is so satisfying. Athletes spend hours and hours practicing in order to improve their skill-set. The same goes for any sport.
Football players memorize and run plays.
Basketball players run drills and practice free throws and shooting.
Tennis players practice backhands and forehands.
Volleyball players practice sets, spikes, passing, and bumps.
Cross country and track athletes continuously run to improve time.
Soccer players practice drills, passes, and shooting.
Golfers practice their strokes.
Bowlers practice their stance, approach, throw, and curve.
Plenty of other sports require athletes to dedicate their time to progress their skills. Plenty of athletes do spend a good portion of their days or weeks to their sport(s) of choice.
On Saturday, March 12, athletes met at Concordia Lanes, located at 1205 Logan Ave. in Belvidere, to continue their pursuit of becoming better bowlers.
Seven bowlers practiced enough to make the high scorers list for the junior bowling league, beginning with Cora Jones in the Cookies and Milk league. Jones scored a high game of 74.
In the Bantams category, Mason Kahl made the list again with a 94 game and a 160 series. Also topping the list was Andrea Robles with an 86 game and a 161 series.
In the Preps division, Parker Morris made his return to the high scorers list with a 191 game and a 501 series. Mollie Jones topped the chart for the girls with a 91 game and a 256 series.
In the final category, the Junior/Majors, Rachel Nelson shined with a 205 game and a 541 series along with Garrett Frazier who had the highest score on Saturday with a 219 game and a 575 series.

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