Odd Couple -1
By C.L. Smith
BELVIDERE – The Main Street Players of Boone County performed ‘The Odd Couple’ on Friday, Feb. 19, at the Community Center Complex of Boone County in Belvidere.
For fans of ‘The Odd Couple,’ now is a glorious time to be alive. CBS’s reboot of the classic 1965 Neil Simon play, starring Matthew Perry, premiered Friday as well. The same night the all-male version of the play was performed by MSP.
Many community members chose to come see the classic story in live action, showing support for their local theater group.
Felix Unger, played by Ronn Gordon, and Oscar Madison, played by Bill Stindle, are old friends who wound up sharing space after Felix’s wife kicked him out after asking for a divorce. The polar opposite nature of their personalities provided for an infinite amount of hilarious situations the duo experienced.
Odd Couple -2The experience and chemistry of the MSP cast shined as Felix and Oscar argued relentlessly. Nothing was safe or off limits for these two toxic “friends” to butt heads over.
The supporting cast was on point as well, providing brevity and comic relief to combat Felix and Oscar’s intense and incessant bickering.
Friday’s presentation was one of eight total runs for the play. Four male versions and four female. The play was directed by nine year MSP veteran John V. Van Nest. Stage manager Karen Guler and technical director Lon Hoegberg round out the production staff.
Main Street Players wrapped up ‘The Odd Couple’ on Sunday, Feb. 21, with the female version. The play was produced by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH INC.
The next presentation for MSP will run from May 13 through May 15 and May 20 through May 22 as they perform Terror by Gaslight.
For ticket information please visit MainStreetPlayersOfBooneCounty.com.

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