By Marianne Mueller


ROCKTON – Men joined together in two hours of fun for a good cause on Friday evening, Feb. 19 at Men’s Night Out. The Rockton Sanctuary spa welcomed guests who took time to relax and to catch up in between participating in sports trivia, enjoying refreshments, sliders and complimentary beverages, playing games, and vying to win a Cowboys Tony Romo jersey or other unique prizes.

The larger the donation, the more chances to win were offered. All were treated to a hot lather shave and barbering services. Brent Murray created a special ice cream drink made with Dairy Haus ice cream.

Some played faceketball games, where basketball hoops were worn on a participants head. A person standing on the opposite side threw ping pong balls in hopes of them landing into the baskets.

In its third year Men’s Night Out showed an extra dose of support came in donations totaling $75 to benefit the American Heart Association. The American Heart Association lives by the motto, “Life is why.”

They offer education on healthy living, healthy kids, CPR and first aid. Programs such as Together to End Stroke, healthcare, research and raising awareness of heart disease through health walks are all part of the good works done by the American Heart Association.

Eye glasses were collected by the Rockton Lions Club. Year round the Rockton Lions Club collects eye glasses and hearing aids which are given to the Center for Sight and Hearing to be recycled.

More outreach is given through the Rockton Lion’s Club program in the form of vouchers. They work in conjunction with Rockton schools to provide vouchers to children who need eye exams whose parents may otherwise be unable to afford. Eyeglasses are collected in various Rockton locations and at different special events.

The Rockton Sanctuary Spa’s third annual night out produced fun while extending a hand toward two organizations.









Marianne Mueller photo

Kim and Tim Boeselager were joined by Cathy and Gary Mershon in a freindly game of facketball.

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