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By Emily Hanlin
Winnebago-Boone Farm Bureau Ag Communications
Pulling pranks and making jokes is an everyday occurrence in my house. But nothing beats the pranks pulled on April 1. From the scaring and startling to the “gotchas” and “I-can’t-believe-you-fell-for-that,” April Fools at my house is no joke… ha!
However, I think the best prank I ever heard of came from the KTUL TV station, an ABC-affiliated television station located in Tulsa, Okla.
One April 1, the TV station had the idea to pull a prank on their viewers. The prank aired on the news channel.
The clip started out showing a cute little dairy farm in Tulsa and introducing Frank Chipwood, the farmer, as a man of habit. Chipwood explained to the camera that along with his bacon and eggs every morning, he also had one bar of chocolate.
One day, while walking through his cattle pasture, he reached for his chocolate bar in his back pocket to realize it had fallen out somewhere on the farm.
No one made too much of a fuss of it until the next morning when Frank went to milk one of his cows and the color of the milk was off.
At first he thought the brown color was from blood which can sometimes happen if a cow bursts a vein in their udder. However, since it was milk, Frank wasn’t opposed to tasting it.
He was so surprised to find that his cow was producing all natural chocolate milk. He showed his wife the miracle happening right inside their barn and they both decided to incorporate chocolate into all of their cattle’s intakes including water, grain, and hay.
Chocolate milk -cowsThey started selling the milk and worked in corporation with a local graphic design company to create a marketing tactic that would draw in a younger generation to their new amazing product. The company came up with a perfect logo and slogan. Chudder: Milk from a Chocolate Udder.
Not only did the clip show the graphic design company and the machines they used to create the advertising tactics, but they also interviewed a family of consumers and they expressed how much they enjoyed the new product.
They ended their clip by zooming in on one of the cows and announcing how great this would actually be if any of it was true: April Fools!
You can see the clip shared on the Winnebago-Boone Farm Bureau Facebook page. From all of us at the Farm Bureau, we hope you had a happy and prank filled April 1.

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