By Chris Johnson


PECATONICA – Representatives, responsible to report their findings to the Pecatonica Village Board, will meet this Thursday, March 3, at 6 p.m., as they act in the capacity of the Pecatonica-Committee of the Whole.

Banking on veteran leadership, the Pecatonica Committee of the Whole, is on its way to another early release of the Village Budget.

It released its budget prior to it was required to, prior to the start of the 2015-2016 fiscal year.

The Village appears to be on a similar path this year, with May quickly approaching.

It isn’t expected to be a great year, financially, in Pecatonica, based on tax dollars, which are scheduled to be received.

This is a similar situation for municipalities across the State of Illinois.

The cash isn’t flowing out of Springfield, like it used to, which means a bigger challenge has surfaced, again.

Villages’ have to do more with less or be creative in generating revenue.

Pecatonica has been walking that path recently, as an enhanced effort has been noted towards achieving economic sustainability and operational-functionality.

For the Village of Pecatonica, that could mean thousands less in tax dollars will be received, perhaps as much as $20,000 this year, according to Village President and Pecatonica Committee of the Whole Member Dan Barber.

“We know we are going to be short. We know we still have to be able to do our job. We will have less money coming in, maybe two-to-three percent.”

Barber said the Village is aware it is going to have to find ways to generate more revenue or would have to consider additional cuts.

The hope is in place that when Members with the Pecatonica committee of the Whole meet this Thursday, they will have their final plans in place for the Village’s Department Budgets.

With up to $20,000 less to work with this year, possibly, creative ways have to continue to be pursued, in an effort to bring in more revenue to Pecatonica, the Village President commented.

During fiscal year 2015-2016, the Village has less to work with, than they did the year before.

They added revenue in many ways, including putting a greater focus on allowing public access to the Village’s multi-million dollar Waste Water Treatment Plant.

Another creative usage involved allowing private access to the walkway-level of the defunct water tower on Fifth Street.

The space is being leased by a local business for local internet access.

In the hope of continuing to develop new revenue streams, the Village is considering allowing a plan to go forward for new construction of a second communications tower.

Reportedly, the project could help generate enough revenue to cut into the shortfall, which the State of Illinois is prepared to provide.

Additional action is expected to be conducted regarding upcoming public safety and public works projects.

Following the Committee Meeting, the Village of Pecatonica is scheduled to meet in Special Session to approve expenses and administer final action on the evening’s proceedings

The Pecatonica Village Board will receive the Committee of the Whole’s findings, during its next regular meeting, scheduled for 6 p.m., Tuesday, March 15.


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