By Kathryn Menue
BELVIDERE – Every week, children around the Belvidere and Boone County area gather at the Concordia Lanes bowling alley, located at 1205 Logan Ave. in Belvidere, to enjoy the sport of bowling with a great deal of fun. Bowling is an amazingly enjoyable sport, especially when you’ve got the right equipment for it. However, you can always look on somewhere like if you are in need of some bowling equipment.
On Saturdays, after kids finish out a week of full of school activities, they jump at the chance of going to the bowling alley to improve their bowling skills, enjoy snacks from the vending machines, hang out with friends, explore the wonders of the alley, including the arcade, and collaborate with coaches on how to better improve their game.
On Saturday, Feb. 27, children from around the area met once again at Concordia Lanes to experience the joys of bowling all over again. After weeks of meeting and practicing their bowling skills, certain youth bowlers make the high scorers list.
This is true for every category of youth bowlers who met on Saturday, Feb. 27.
In the Cookies and Milk league, Cora Jones made the list with a game of 78.
In the Bantams division, Andrea Robles came in on top for the girls with a high score of 70 and a series of 134. Mason Kahl came in on top for the boys and for the division with a high score of 81 with a 154 series.
In the Preps, Jessica Plodzien had the highest all around game for the girls with a score of 125 and a series of 313. Lucas Fouke made his first appearance on the list with a high score of 134. Keenan Harvey, also a new comer to the list, made the top bowlers with a high series of 350.
In the Junior/Majors league, Aaron Rochon had the highest all around score for the division with a 223 game and a 590 series. Rachel Nelson did well representing the girls with her high score of 186 with a 519 series.
On Monday, Feb. 29, the fun continued with another set of youth bowlers taking to the lanes after school.
However, Monday night did not see any bowlers in the Cookies and Milk division.
In the Bantams category, one bowler did hit the top spot with Addyson Blume scoring a 73 game with a 126 series.
In the Preps division, Branndon Fowler had the highest game score for the boys with a 124 game and Matt Turnipseed had the highest series for the boys with a 321 series.
In the Junior/Majors category, Trace Dawley came out on top for the entire division with an impressive score of 200. Kevin Jenks had the highest series of all with a 483 series. Lauren Scheafer hit the top bowlers list for the first time, by representing the girls proudly with her high game of 130 with a 386 series.

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