By Doug Schroder


WINNEBAGO – Back when Patty Meads Hanson attended Winnebago High School she never imagined that one day she would be associated with the Guinness book of world records. Fast forward to many years later and here she was holding her first ever book signing at Winnebago Public Library on Saturday, April 2, for a book she published about her cow, Blosom, which was recognized by Guinness as the World’s Tallest Cow.

It has been an interesting journey for Patty, who now owns a farm in Orangeville where Blosom resided.

Patty’s father bought the farm some time ago. It was a dairy farm in a beautiful location that included a pond. One cow that was purchased by the farm could not produce milk or little calves. Not a good situation to bee in if you’re a cow on a farm. Patty convinced her Dad to keep the cow though, and she named the cow Blosom.

Blosom stayed on the farm as basically a pet, and she grew, and grew, and grew. Blosom grew so much, in fact, that Patty wondered if she had the tallest cow in the world.

Patty contacted the Guinness Book of World records, and after going through all of the proper procedures, Blosom was recognized at the World’s Tallest Cow.

Way back when, Patty knew Blosom was special, and that she was going to one day write a book about the bovine.

Unfortunately, Blosom passed away just after Patty sent the book to be published.

Blosom lives on now as the subject of the children’s book, as Patty held her first ever book signing at Winnebago Public Library on Saturday, April 2.

Patty read her book and told stories of her experiences with Blosom to a crowd of about 30 people, and then afterwards signed copies of her book Everyone Loves Blosom.

Patty is so happy and proud to be able to share the story of Blosom. Patty’s father, who passed away before Blosom’s fame came along, would be totally surprised that this cow that he felt was useless, would go on to become a world record holder.

Patty Meads Book Signing 4

Doug Schroder photo Patty Meads Hanson signs a book for Isabelle and Brayden Zissler at Winnebago Public Library on Saturday, April 2. See page 5 for more photos. Doug Schroder photo

Patty will be holding another book signing at Barnes & Noble at CherryVale Mall on Saturday, April 16.

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