By Doug Schroder


PECATONICA – For the second straight year now the Discover the Dinosaurs exhibit has come to the Winnebago County Fair grounds in Pecatonica. People came out in droves on Saturday, April 23, and Sunday, April 24, as parents brought their children to this family friendly exhibit that featured scenes of the many different kinds of dinosaurs that were. Each scene showcased dinosaurs in the period of time that reflects when the dinosaurs lived. Engaging the senses, each scene includes static and animatronic dinosaurs surrounded by lighting, and sound effects. Attendees could pick up a scavenger hunt at the entrance to track the dinosaurs throughout the exhibit.

In addition to the different scenes there were many other activities to keep the kids occupied. There were not too scary dinosaur rides where the kids could ride on the back of a T-Rex or Triceratops. The line for those was full all day long.

After the area where the dinosaur scenes were, people were funneled through the merchandise area where tables full of dinosaur toys and stuffed animals lied in wait for purchase. T-shirts and other items were also available. It was hard for a parent to make it through that section without being separated from more cash in the wallet.

After surviving that section, attendees entered the area where the bounce houses, face painting, mini-golf, Dino theatre and a few other activities took place. Some of those activities could be done for an additional charge.

Discover the Dinosaurs is based out of Minneapolis, MN, and is on tour 45-48 weeks per year. Daniel Jones, Supervisor of the Box Office, has worked for the exhibit for about three and a half months. I was able to talk to Daniel for a little bit before entering.

“In every city we go, we get a big turnout,” said Dan.

The beautiful weather this past weekend certainly helped with the turnout.

Discover the Dinosaurs 2016 1

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