Fire grant
By Kathryn Menue
BOONE COUNTY – On Monday, March 28, Enbridge Energy Company Inc. donated funds to three Boone County emergency responders, which included Capron Rescue Squad, the Belvidere Police Department, and the Belvidere Fire Department.
All of these organizations are first responders to the Enbridge Energy pipeline system that runs through Boone County located around Grange Hall and Marengo Roads.
Therefore, Enbridge Energy donated money to each of these organizations to ensure their preparedness in pipeline response.
Fire Grant 2‘”We want to take the lead in stepping up to assist those in the community who share our values, especially when those values are safety and protecting the public, which we take very seriously at Enbridge,'” John Gauderman, Enbridge Director for Chicago Region Operations stated in a press release.
“At Enbridge, the health and safety of the communities we operate in, and the people who live and work along our system, will always be our highest priority.'”
Each of the three organizations was awarded funds through Enbridge’s Safe Community Grant program, which Enbridge created in 2002.
Enbridge Energy donated $1,000 to Capron Rescue Squad and $1,000 to the Belvidere Police Department for equipment to aid in “protecting the public.”
At 2:30 p.m., representatives from Enbridge Energy also presented two checks totaling $1,900, to the Belvidere Fire Department.
“It is an honor and a privilege to work with the Belvidere Fire Department,” Gauderman said.
After thanking all of the attendees who came in support of both Enbridge Energy and the Belvidere Fire Department, Gauderman, along with Enbridge State Government Affairs Regional Manager Michael Wortham and Enbridge Government and Public Affairs Coordinator Taylor Smith, presented Belvidere Fire Chief Al Hyser and the rest of the fire department with two checks totaling $1,900 for their Hazardous Materials Response Team.
Fire Grant 3“They [Enbridge] give it [grant money] to organizations who could potentially respond to incidents with the pipeline,” Chief Hyser said.
Enbridge Energy kindly donated grants to the Belvidere Fire Department for their services in aiding their pipeline project for the past several years, which the fire department has used to purchase materials to ensure they are properly equipped in case a disaster occurs.
For instance, last year the fire department purchased overpack barrels and drums. The overpack barrels and drums are used in dangerous situations, such as a hazardous waste drum leaking.
In this scenario, the Hazardous Materials Response Team can bring in the overpack drums to pack and seal the leaking, hazardous drum, in order to send it to the appropriate agencies that can safely take care of the harmful waste materials. With this done, you will need to make sure that you follow proper hygiene procedures after dealing with hazardous chemicals or materials, you can visit this website for more info.
“We keep it [purchases from Enbridge grant money] in the spectrum of potentially hazardous materials situations,” Belvidere Fire Lt. Brian Harbison said.
Fire Grant 4The Belvidere Fire Department is greatly appreciative of the donations from Enbridge, since the equipment needed to respond to hazardous situations is expensive.
According to Lt. Harbison, this year the fire department will use the grant money to purchase radiation detectors.
About Enbridge Energy
“Enbridge transports over two million barrels per day (over 84 million gallons) of essential North American petroleum so it can be refined into products we rely on from asphalt for roads to jet fuel and gasoline for our vehicles as well as feedstock for fertilizer, plastics, cosmetics, poly-fibers, and other petro-chemical products.”
“Enbridge strives to be a good neighbor through its Safe Community Program, Community Investments and the active involvement of employees in those organizations serving our communities, well-being and environment.”

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