Make A Wish I (2)

By Marianne Mueller


ROCKTON – Thirteen-year-old Jacqueline Golosinski has been riding horses most of her childhood. She always wanted to her own horse and a strange twist of events led to her dream coming true.

Jacqueline Golosinski was experiencing wheezing, breathing issues and other health challenges.

Her parents tried over-the-counter medicines. When those failed to work they took her to her pediatrician.

Jacqueline tested positive for anemia and there was no need for alarm. Jacqueline was placed on Vitamin C, Iron and supplementation.

She progressively became worse and experienced wheezing. An allergist gave Golosinski a breathing treatment and per doctors orders a chest X-ray to be taken. The X-ray image revealed that Jacqueline had a mass the size of her own heart, or an orange.

Orders were for Jacqueline to be admitted to the Lurie’s Children’s hospital where she underwent a week and half of biopsies and to find out exactly what type of cancer she had. The news was what no one wants to hear – Jacqueline had cancer.

Jacqueline was diagnosed on Jan. 14, 2016 with Stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma B at Lurie’s Children’s Hospital in Chicago. During her hospital stay Make a Wish approached Jacqueline.

“When she first was diagnosed she was in shock, and numb, and never spoke about it,” said Jacqueline’s Mother, Julie. “She used to write about her cancer. The Foundation told her to reach for the stars and that it is quite magical.

“I feel that this has given her the drive and motivation needed to move forward. She has always wanted to have her very own horse. She was on a mission to find a horse that would be suitable for her; something docile.

“Jacquline researched breeds, how to care of horses, the cost, and overall expenses. When she has felt well Jacqueline had a schedule for us and she was determined and she found the horse she fell in love with.”

Additionally, Jacqueline never knew how to sew, but she bought a sewing machine, learned how to sew on U-Tube and has been making horse Polos and covers for stirrups.

On Sunday, April 10 the Make a Wish Foundation partnered with Trails End Farm LLC, Black Pearl Friesians to make Jaqueline’s wish come true. Inside a large arena hundreds of friends, family, and teachers from Edebrook Elementary School held signs full of encouraging, supportive messages; all waiting to see Jacqueline’s reaction as she received the surprise of her lifetime.

Kelly Clarkson’s song, “A Moment like This” stirred emotions as Jacqueline gently and lovingly greeted Marit; a stunning black pearl Friesian. Marit was dressed for the occasion covered in a Kentucky Derby winner’s blanket designed by Chapel Hill Florist’s Linda Crache.

“I have always wanted a Black Pearl Friesian; they are beautiful and ride the best. I also do dressage, which is a fancier version of riding. I was very surprised and I had no clue that this was going to happen. It was really exciting,” Jacqueline shared.

At the end of the Make a Wish moment everyone gathered to enjoy Sam’s Pizza. The Golosinski family would like to extend special thanks to Signature Transportation who provided the bus that brought in Jacqueline’s loved ones to share in her magical moment.

The Make a Wish Foundation also ordered Jacqueline and Victoria’s favorite cake-chocolate fudge filled with chocolate sprinkles all over with two black horses that look like Friesian topping the cake, made from the Oak Mill Bakery.

The Make a Wish Foundation is providing a years’ worth of care for Marit who will continue to train and be overseen by a Veterinarian and a Farrier.

Currently Jaqueline is being tutored at home as school supporters remain strong.

A Go Fund Me page tells Jacqueline’s story and gives updates on her condition and treatments. She has endured five cycles of chemotherapy, and has lost her hair. In mid-May another CT and PETSCAN will be taken then the family will meet with an Oncology Radiologist to discuss radiation; which Jacqueline is expected to have.

Along with Jacqueline’s parents Mark and Julie, her identical twin sister, Victoria, and a 12-year-old brother Michael are all standing alongside her as she goes through this life journey.

“They are always supporting me with positive thoughts and attitudes and by providing me anything I need,” says Jacqueline.

Now Marit has become another member of the family.

“Marit is a driving force in helping her fight her cancer. She has given all of us new hope. She looks forward to the trail rides this summer and that is all she talks about,” said Julie.

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