WINNEBAGO – On March 7, ESGR Volunteer Kathy Reed presented Chief Todd Stockburger, Chief of Police for the Village of Winnebago, and the Police Department with the Patriotic Employer Award during the monthly board meeting for the Village of Winnebago. Chief Stockburger and the department was recommended by Sergeant First Class (SFC) Vincent Lara, a United States Army Reserve (USAR) soldier serving with the 75th GLTD, HHC, Fort Sheridan, IL and a part-time police officer for the Village of Winnebago. Sergeant First Class Lara spoke of the demands of all department members to accommodate his military requirements and the willingness of each team member to work with his military schedule.

The Police Department serves a community of approximately 3000 citizens. Police work is a career field where all team members are required to work 24/7. Chief Stockburger and his team understand the important role SFC Lara plays in both the performance of his duties with the Police Department and his commitment to the military.

SFC Lara stated, “The Police Department and Chief of Police require so many shifts to work per month and understand the role of an Army Reservist. With this in mind, my hours/shifts are considered while away for any mission or training with the Army, the department will accommodate the needs to fulfill the Army’s mission.”

The sacrifice the Police department makes exceeds normal department adjustments due to the small size of the organization. SFC Lara praised his department for their dedication and respect for his military commitments. Chief Stockburger humbly accepted the Patriotic Employer Award and spoke of how unworthy he was to be presented the Patriotic Employer Award. Chief Stockburger spoke of how supportive his entire department is in supporting SFC Lara work schedules.

Chief Stockburger signed the Statement of Support on behalf of The Village of Winnebago Police Department.ESGR Village of Winnebago

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