Eagle Scout IBy Marianne Mueller


ROSCOE – Roscoe Boy Scout Benjamin Golter’s Court of Honor Eagle ceremony took place at a packed Roscoe Village Hall.

“This is a truly great moment, and worthy of celebrating,” said Scout Master Mark Lamonica in a warm welcome.

Dave Syverson, Jamie DeMatthew; Senior Accountant for the Milwaukee Bucks, FBI Special Agent in Charge-Greg Jones, Rockton Grade School Principal, Kindyl Etnyre, Stephen Mack Middle  School Principal, Autumn Czizek, Irvin Select AAU-Coach Steve Irvin, and Marine Corps League members were introduced by Max Golter.

Pastor Scott Herbert gave an invocation. The Court of Honor presented colors followed by reciting the Scout oath and law.

“Code of Conduct is taught when we are Cubs in first grade, along with the promise. The Scout motto is Be Prepared,” said Christopher Golter.

“Our slogan is ‘Do a Good Turn Daily.’ Ben has made it a law to obey these oaths. This should apply to all of us; they do not only apply for our time as a scout but they are for a lifetime.”

“As a new Scout Benjamin wasted no time in going to his first camp, earning his tenderfoot skills, experienced nature and learned the dangers of drugs, alcohol and tobacco,” reflected Lamonica of Golter’s trail to Eagle.

He experienced humorous campouts and troop events. Through his community service work he has proven to be a first class scout. We were pretty proud of him when his hard work and persistence paid off earning him his star rank. When he became a Life Scout he was one step away from becoming an Eagle.”

“Thirteen-year-old Benjamin Golter is currently an eighth grade student at Stephen Mack Middle School, has actively participated in the National Jr. Honor Society, is on the high honor roll, plays basketball and has been invited to honors night.

He has earned 21 merit badges. In order to become an Eagle had to choose a project for a church, his community or a school. He chose to build two benches for his school. They were built to stand the test of time and they look great,” lauded Principal Etnyre”

“I know he is grateful for the money he received from the Booster Club to assist with doing his project.” Benjamin’s intent as he went from Tiger Cub to an Eagle shows what it takes to become a leader and the steps it takes to make things better every day.”

It is almost unheard of that a scout reaches this rank at the age of 13. A Boy Scout must earn the rank of Eagle before his 18th birthday. Typically only two to three out 100 scouts actually reach Eagle status.

“I must admit that once I closed by Eagle binder and dedicated myself to completing the project I had a real feeling of accomplishment on Nov.15,” said Benjamin Golter.

As a Cub Scout my father encouraged me to complete any task to the best of your ability. If you want to see changes come with solutions or you will find excuses. If you can finish what you start no boss will ever doubt you.

“It is appropriate that my ceremony is taking place here. These walls have watched a lot of us grow up. Thank you to all of the leaders who have made such an impact on our lives. The entire Troop staff always provides encouragement.

“Many take the easy way by quitting. In every endeavor set out to finish what you start. When I become a father in the future I look forward to teaching my kids about scouting. I look forward to contributing to make the world a better place through avenues of making tomorrow a better day.”

With America the Beautiful playing in the background Golter presented a slideshow of his full journey in Scouting.

“We work to recite words of conduct. Those words, who you are and being one of the two to three making into Eagle; let this be known that this is a very big accomplishment,” praised Scout Leader, Steve Gleasman.”

A pinning ceremony was followed by a presentation of certificates.

“There isn’t a program inside of IL. that gets the results that Scouting does, said Senator Dave Syverson. Thank you on behalf of the State of IL. We are proud of you and grateful for all that you have done to make Illinois a better place.”

Golter received a gift of tennis shoes from Superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo, a signed basketball from Jabari Parker, and a letter from the Bucks President from Jamie DeMatthew, Senior Account Executive of the Milwaukee Bucks. Congressmen Kinzinger presented Golter with a certificate and letter. Golter received a Good Citizenship award from the U.S. Marines.

A closing prayer and retirement of colors concluded the ceremony followed by a nice reception.

By Nov. 15 met with the Glacier’s Edge Council Eagle Committee, and became the Roscoe Troop 619’s newest Eagle Scout that evening. On March 19 his achievement was recognized in a Court of Honor ceremony.

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