Bucs volleyball

BELVIDERE – The Belvidere Bucs boys’ volleyball team hosted a game against conference rivals Guilford on Thursday, April 21 at Melvin Brown Gymnasium. The Bucs looked to stop Guilford and improve their conference record. Unfortunately, the Bucs dropped both games to Guilford.

The Vikings came out strong in the first game taking the lead early and holding it.

The Bucs played hard and managed twice to close the scoring gap to three points. Once, early in the game, they rallied to close the gap to 7-4. Later, near the end of the game, a push by the Bucs made the score 18-15.

However, the Vikings were too strong and Belvidere lost the first game 25-18.

Bucs volleyball 2Guilford came roaring out of the gate in the second game quickly taking a 9-1 lead. That eight-point differential is the narrowest margin the Bucs could manage throughout the game.

Guilford was too strong, both on offense and defense, and dominated the remainder of the game.

The Bucs dropped the second game 25-4.

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