Gang activity

By Barb Appelhans


CANDLEWICK LAKE – Speaker Sgt. Dammon with the Belvidere Police Department addressed a full house on Tuesday, April 26 at Candlewick Lake’s “Lake View Room.”

Sgt. Dammon discussed the behavior patterns of children and teens who are involved with gangs and/or drugs.

Parents need to be informed to know who their children’s friends are, to know where they are going, and to know when they will come home. Parents should monitor their activities and verify that they are where they said they are.

Good parenting can help put an end to gang activity and may save a child’s life. Residents who know about gang activity allow should inform the authorities. If someone sees any graffiti, photograph it and turn it into the police, so they can determine if it’s gang related.

Afterward, immediately remove the graffiti. The sooner graffiti is removed the lesser the chance it will happen again.

Sgt. Dammon said that the key steps to keeping neighborhoods safe and secure are to be involved by monitoring the community, especially the youth. The same goes for parents. The best way to prevent gang activity and drug use in teens and other youth, parents must be vigilant in monitoring and talking with their children to help keep not only the streets safe, but their children as well.

About Sgt. Dammon

Sgt. Dammon has been a police officer for 22 years, a detective for 15 years, in the gang intervention unit since 1995, and a SWAT member for 12 years. These are just a few titles he has acquired during his career.

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