Honoring Madeline Walberg

By John Neitzel

Poplar Grove Village President

POPLAR GROVE – Whereas, little free libraries are handcrafted, weather proof structures, that will contain constantly changing collection of books donated and shared by residents of all ages;

Whereas, children and families in the Village of Poplar Grove do not have a public library available within the village limits to provide instant access to books and materials;

Whereas, Madeline Walberg has become a vital part of the little free library movement, donating a library for our community to share in;

Whereas, the little free library registration establishes a new Charter for the Village of Poplar Grove #36704, which will be registered and mapped for visitors through a website www.littlefreelibrary.org;

Whereas, through her generosity, residents are able to share materials and provide access, in turn producing a literacy friendly neighborhood atmosphere;

Now, therefore, do I, John W. Neitzel, Village President of the Village of Poplar Grove, recognize Madeline Walberg for her donation of a little free library, and further extend our deepest appreciation from the residents of the Village of Poplar Grove on Monday, May 16.

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