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STILLMAN VALLEY – For Fritz Tice it’s been a labor of love ever since he took over the Wooden Nickel bar in Stillman Valley from Joe and Jan Smith in 1991. Joe had passed away and Jan needed to sell the place. Fritz decided he would delve into owning his own business. After purchasing the place and adding his first name to the business, it was now Fritz’s Wooden Nickel. Ever since then Fritz has been serving the all-you-can-eat chicken, BBQ and pasta buffet on Wednesday nights, plus the fish fry on Fridays and the prime rib special on Saturdays.

Fritz began his culinary career at the old Track Inn in Davis Junction where he was the main cook for two stints, the first from 1973 – 1978, and then again from 1983 – 1991.

Fritz prides himself on making virtually everything from scratch for his meals. The Wednesday buffet features fried chicken from his own recipe, red sauce cooked up in his own kitchen for the pasta, and his own homemade recipe for the BBQ’d ribs. He even makes some great soups out of chicken and beef that have the nice and thick homemade noodles.

In addition to the other specials, Fritz puts on a steak fry on Tuesdays where patrons can grill their own streaks outside in a covered area all year long.

The food is very good, as evidenced from the line of people who were there for the Wednesday buffet when I was there for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life Kick Off on April 21. I tried the buffet then and had so much of a hankering for those vittles I returned the ensuing week for a repeat.

After eating, I met with Fritz for a little bit and got the background on him and his business.

Here’s to Fritz and his hard work that has made eating at his place a long standing tradition for many.

Frizt's 25 year 2

Fritz’s Wooden Nickel in Stillman Valley has been in business now for a quarter of a century. Shown here is owner Fritz Tice and his daughter Simone James at the Wednesday all-you-can-eat buffet on April 27.

Frizt's 25 year 1

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