Story time 2

By Cindy Mich


BELVIDERE – Turning back to almost 12 months ago, Immanuel Lutheran School launched a program for the petite people in Belvidere. Little Lambs Story Time Thursdays provides families of all faiths with 45 minutes of story time for their young ones from birth to the age of three.

Thursday, May 5 marked the most recent rendezvous of seventeen moms and mentors in the Pre K3 classroom. Summer time does seem to help heap up the total attendance, as a total of thirty families are actively on hand.

The curriculum of every class seems to stay the same, as repetition is important in instruction of maturing minds.

Each session starts out with song, followed up with finger painting, and then reading of basic books. Music and movement are partnered to keep the kiddos active and alert. Lastly, each child creates a craft to have at home, and any open time remaining is open play.

Story timeEach event is supervised and structured by Pre-Kindergarten teacher Bethany Ibeling. She spoke of the big benefits created for the community via every scheduled story time.

Children and their caretakers have an activity to team up together and enjoy as a family. Parents get the opportunity to meet other parents from the area in order to socialize and spend time outside of Immanuel Lutheran School.

It also serves as an in-depth introduction to the school and its services. The morning is filled with fun and free activities.

Immanuel Lutheran leaped to the top of the National Report Card. It is one of the five most meager in the area for tuition. The school is ranked 18th in reading, math and science.

Spirituality serves as the core component of their teaching, as all are taught to be Christ centered citizens in both action and articulation. Levels of learners are kindergarten through 8th grade, allowing groups to grow together year by year.

Finally, their hope is to foster youth to be successful socially, academically, mentally and emotionally, today and tomorrow. Looking towards the calendar year of 2016-2017, Immanuel Lutheran School is hoping to hold a new novelty named Music in Motion, attempting to connect the community in a creative and casual manner.

The Little Lambs Story Time is held on Thursday mornings.  Class begins at 11:15 a.m., and concludes at noon. Door #14 is the entry way into the event at the school, and the location is the Pre-K3 classroom.

Registration prior to the event is recommended, and can be completed online via the following link:

To learn more about either enrollment or the educational offerings of Immanuel Lutheran School, please call their main office at (815) 547-5346.  Reverend Allan Buss is the Senior Pastor, and can address any and all inquiries.

For all other information, visit the website at:

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