By Margaret Downing


SOUTH BELOIT – South Beloiters who use the City Park may have to wait a bit longer for upgrades to park facilities. The city council had quite a bit of discussion at its May 2 city council meeting on agenda items dealing with the subject.

Originally, commissioners had hoped to pass items giving work to Midwest Sealcoat, LLC, for cleaning and asphalt patching on the park’s three tennis courts and a basketball court; for leveling, resurfacing, coloring and striping of the courts; and for removal and replacement of fencing poles, tightening and re-clipping the fencing as needed, and repainting net and fence posts.

After discussion of about 45 minutes it was determined that the city needs to get three bids for the work, even though city officials had previously attempted to do so. According to Commissioner Lori Duffy not all companies can do all the work, as Midwest Sealcoat can, and getting the work done for the summer season was on the front burner.

City Attorney Roxanne Sosnowski gave input as to how to deal with the items up for a vote and it was determined in the end that they either be held over or removed.

However, a motion had already been made to approve two of the items and the council had to continue on – the items up for a vote died for lack of a motion or a second and the work will have to be put out in bid packets.

Resident Ilah Tinder had urged commissioners that the city needs to get three bids and that, basically, is what was finally decided upon.

Sosnowski also needed to advise commissioners that three conversations taking place simultaneously was not procedure – one conversation at a time between city officials during a meeting, not three, is permissible.

Two items were held over until the May 16 council meeting – “a motion to waive a requirement to bid through formal public bid procedures to authorize a quote from Norwest Construction, Inc. for replacement of 1,055 square yards of asphalt to the City Park parking lot in an amount of $17,935” (of which three bids had been received) – and an item accepting that quote from Norwest to be financed as a budgeted expense.

The mayor was authorized to sign an “Agreement and Release with Allegheny Casualty Company,” regarding a default settlement agreement between the city and Pipeline Solutions.

A vote on an ordinance amendment in reference to alcoholic beverages in the code of ordinances was laid over to June and Commissioner Tom Fitzgerald noted he wanted the city “to look at other options.”

The okay was given to the South Beloit Lions Club to sell candy at Door and Prairie Hill Roads at the end of May and in early October.

The yearly “Side Kick Softball Breakfast Benefit” to be held in the parking lot at The Wheel on Blackhawk Blvd. on May 30 was okayed.

A tentative plat of Wood Mint Lane (off Gardner St./Hwy. 75 near Finnegan’s RV) was approved for referral to the Zoning Board of Appeals for its May 18th meeting.

Amy Foster was appointed to the South Beloit Library Board.

Commissioner Fitzgerald gave the South Beloit Fire Department Activity Bi-weekly Report for April 8-22. In that time period there were 31 residential medical calls, two burning complaints, one automatic alarm call, one motor vehicle accident, one public service call, one machinery fire call, and 10 mutual aid calls, nine to Beloit and one to Rockton. Fire loss came to $10,000. Training topics included technical rescue (low angle) and wildland fires.

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