By Marianne Mueller


ROCKTON – Drawings, sketches, three-dimensional swords, shields, dragons, castles, and masks, were among thousands of pieces of artwork created by 500 students; each carrying a medieval theme.

Parents, teachers, school staff and the public poured into Whitman Post Elementary School on Thursday evening, May 5 to show appreciation for each student’s artistic flair.

Art teacher, Dan Enderle donned a knight’s uniform. Students followed suit with young ladies dressing in long, graceful gowns, and young men wearing suits complete with protective armor coverings.

A large, detailed realistic style castle with a drawbridge sat in the shows entrance. Telling as story is a photo with a descriptive write up of how “The Upper Crust” came to be known.

The Upper Crust is based on a medieval analogy to pie or bread where the upper part of the crust that was less burnt was reserved for elite members of a household. Workers and servants would be relegated to the remainder.

Young and young at heart had photo opportunities to stand in a cut out portion of, or outside of an extra-large King card from a deck.

Dragon eggs were made with a balloon covered with paper Mache and plus a lot of duct tape scales which were then added. Lifelike 3-D style dragons were designed by combining paper mache and masking tape together.

Eye-catching medieval masks were made through a step-by-step process. Students began by covering up a plastic mask then altered it using strips of newspaper dipped in glue.

After a few layers the mask is removed from the mold. Additional paper and masking tape are added to alter the form. Various types of paint and gloss are applied.

Behind the process of mask design are students learning about different types of masks made in medieval times and the purpose of each.

As an extra bonus visitors were treated to Bhopal (spelled without the letter h on a corresponding sign-for special effect), cookies, and dragon’s blood and dragons claws.

Artistic talents were evident throughout each hallway at the 2015 Art Fair at Whitman Post Elementary School!

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