Wind Ridge Farms

By Cindy Mich


CALEDONIA – Delightfully different are both the plants and purpose of the somewhat hidden herb house called Wind Ridge Farms.

Their fine foliage is a menagerie of healthy and hearty herbs. It is both a rare and somewhat rustic approach to farming and food production in this area. Greenhouses usually grow perennial vines and vegetables, yet this farm branches out well beyond beautiful plants.

A slew of said selections were on hand for their plant sale this last Mother’s Day weekend. Shoppers surfaced from near and far, including the neighboring states.

The attraction to attend stems from two sources: beauty within tranquility, and hundreds of assorted herbs to pick through and potentially purchase.

Additional amenities on these afternoons include vinegars, dips and teas. The average price range for the aforementioned items was $4 to $6 each.

Economic and eco-friendly are two big base benefits to every entity at the Wind Ridge Farm. All crops are certified naturally grown, and fertilizers are free of poisonous pesticides.

For those less likely to travel towards the farm, Wind Ridge works on a wholesale basis with stores in the following states: Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

From time to time, the owners also attend festivals and farmers markets.  However, management and maintenance of Wind Ridge is their top task.

If health conscious condiments are not your niche, still stop by and behold their thematic treasure gardens. These spaces may be sublet for work powwows, weddings, meetings, or mid-afternoon luncheons.

The facility seats up to 70 people and on elected evenings, a wine dinner with five featured courses is available for attendants. A night of nature, fine food, and fun awaits every eager visitor.

Owners Tony and Liz have been in business for 16 years, 10 of which were while owning and operating Wind Ridge Farms.

Surprisingly, both are self taught on how to grow and garden herbs.

Wind Ridge Farms will conduct another plant sale on Sunday, May 15. Their hours are approximately 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day.

The farm is located at 466 Quail Trap Road in Caledonia. Appointments to visit are accepted via phone at (815) 885-1444. Those interested in setting up an event or are seeking further details on the farm, visit their website at

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