By Chris Johnson


DURAND – On Monday, June 13, Trustees with Durand School Board District 322 learned a new step will be undertaken, as students prepare to turn their focus to class resuming in the fall.

Technology Directory, Mr. Eddie Johnston, reported that registration for the upcoming school year begins on July 17 and this year things will be done a little differently.

“We will be doing it all online. If a student has no internet access at home, they can call directly or can come in. We can put them up in a computer lab and they can register there.”

Johnston said there would be some cost savings for the District when that move is made.

“We are going to cut back in paper use, ink, toner and manpower cost. We will not have any days or nights where we have to have someone come in.”

Johnston said for the families new to the District, they can come in and still receive a paper packet.

“In a couple weeks we are going to have accounts for every family and access codes for every student. Parents or guardians will put in an access code to re-enroll so to speak.”

Another piece of technology will be used to let residents and parents of students in the District know about the change, according to Superintendent Kurt Alberstett.

“If people were wondering how we are getting the information about the change out to parents, we will use our one-call service and send a phone message out before July 11. Parents would be able to check email. If that parent doesn’t have email set up, effort will be taken to help walk them through things on the phone.”

On the email message, parents would get an access code and would be prompted to follow certain steps, to complete the registration process.

Trustee Brad Faulkner inquired as to the actual percentage of Durand students who had Internet service at home. Johnston replied a lot of the District can go online.

“A lot of our parents have internet at home for their students. The actual percentage could easily be into the 90’s. It could be a little different at the elementary school. I didn’t get those numbers. The move, however, is a step in the right direction.”

In other action, Junior High and High School Principal Michael Leskowich reported that Chromebooks will have an impact this year as education through electronics measures continues.

“We will be rolling out Chromebooks for our Fifth through Twelfth Grade. Parents will be required to sit through orientation on these. The parents who went through it last year won’t have to go through it again.”

The durability of the Chromebook was discussed during the Monday meeting, as it was discovered that the education pieces have proven to be quite sturdy and reliable.

However, Johnston said, there is protection in place for heavier use.

“The Chromebooks we used last year came back in pretty good shape. At times the cases were a little tattered, but we have a two-year warranty on those, so we send them back and they replace them.”

Alberstett said that in an attempt to make sure the school has all the pieces in place for the resumption of activities in August, some ground-laying work has to be completed.

“I will be working with the community. I will be helping to run the fiber optics from Stephenson County to Durand. We have been talking about this and I wanted to make the Board aware that we have been talking to the Township about this as well.”

Alberstett said the District was hoping to get things going on placement of the new fiber optics on Monday, June 20.

The Durand School Board exited regular action and entered into executive session, after reporting the Trustees will meet again on Monday, June 27, at 6 p.m.

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