Top Way Foods Kart Race 2016 3

DOUG SCHRODER PHOTO Tempo – Winners of the Topway Foods Grocery Cart races at German Valley Days on Saturday, June 11 were (L-R) Jeff Pingel 1st, Nikayla Rager 2nd, and Mandy Ludwig 3rd. All of the food was donated by residents of German Valley for the race, after the race the food was donated to the local food pantry. Topway Foods in Pecatonica donated the shopping carts and the cash prizes for the winners. See page 8 for more photos.

Veterans Signed Truck

DOUG SCHRODER PHOTO Tempo – German Valley Days – Roger Wilson, of Freeport, brought his All Veterans Signature Truck to the German Valley Days car show on Saturday, June 11. The truck has 4,893 veteran’s signatures on it, as Roger has taken the truck to many car shows, parades and other events in the Stateline area, since he took possession of the truck from the Freeport Vietnow Chapter in 2004. He can be reached at 815-541-6080 if you would like to schedule him to come to your event. If you can’t get him at that number, try calling his wife, Tammy, at 815-233-1627. The truck is just about full of signatures and Roger hopes to retire this truck and acquire another one to keep the project going.

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