By Matt Helm


The Boone County Arts Council continued the 2016 Concerts in the Park series at the Baltic Mill Stage with live music from the band Trinadora on Sunday, June 12 at 6:30 p.m.

“We do a variety of concerts ranging from an all Celtic program to a program we call “U.S. Roots” that is a wide scope of music from jazz, to blues and country,” Trinadora member Ron Holm said.

Triandora is a duo composed of Holm and Jannie Nelson. The group has performed together for four years. The concert on Sunday was an “Americana Stew,” featuring jazz and country songs.

“We are different because of the sheer variety of music we play and the number of instruments we play,” Holm said. “We play keyboard, guitar, harmonica, concertina, ocarina, percussion, and bass. My partner Jannie is a true virtuoso. She has her degree in music performance and is classically trained and she has migrated that talent to the country, blues, and jazz style that we play.”

Trinadora recently released an album of Cajun-inspired music titled “Sounds.”

However, for the concert at the Baltic Mill, Holm and Nelson spent most of their show paying tribute to their inspirations Roy Orbison and Patsy Cline.

Trinadora (2)“Our main calling card is our ability to channel Orbison and Cline,” Holm said. “I grew up singing Roy’s music and my voice happens to be in his range. Likewise, Jannie and her parents grew up on the classic country music of Patsy Cline. Their music was performed with a lot of sincerity and we try to bring that feeling to our shows.”

Trinadora encourages community members to check out their upcoming shows: Friday, June 25 at Stockholm Inn in Rockford; and Friday, Aug. 5 at Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Rockford.

For more information, check out their website at

“We play a great deal of gigs and we love it when people visit our website so they can see when we are playing next,” Holm said.

The next Concert in the Park takes place Sunday, June 19 at 6:30 p.m. at the Baltic Mill Stage. Holmes Productions will perform contemporary folk and rock music.

“The Concerts in the Park provide culture that is easily accessible in a beautiful environment,” Holm said. “It has been proven that live music and art enhances a community culturally and economically. Thanks to the Boone County Arts Council for inviting us to play and congratulations to Belvidere for supporting the arts.”

Concerts in the Park take place every Sunday at the Baltic Mill Stage in Belvidere Park. The last concert of the season will take place in Candlewick. The rain spot is at the Community Building located at 111 W. First St. in Belvidere.

For more information, call (815) 544-6242.


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