By Chris Johnson


PECATONICA – Pecatonica School Board District 321 met on Monday, May 23 at 7 p.m.

For the final time during the 2015-2016 school year, students of the month were announced, with senior Michael Mackenzie, junior Kaylene Cuthbertson, sophomore Christabelle Mehlhausen and freshman Max Sager being recognized.

Elementary School Principal Carrie Brockway explained that with the assistance of three notable FFA members, Aaron Ackerman, Emily Gorman and Kelsey Swanson, a long-sought after event finally took the field.

“After three re-schedulings due to weather, the fourth time, truly, was the charm! The FFA Petting Zoo was held at the Middle School, on Wednesday, May 18.”

Brockway said that there were quite a few things for the kids to do and a few animals to see and pet. Some animals got to know the kids even better, Brockway explained.

“This year, the students got to ride on a hay wagon pulled by a tractor. There was a baby lamb to touch and cuddle, plants to plant and bring home, tractors to climb on, and lots of animals to visit and feed.”

Middle School Principal Tim King said he also appreciated the FFA members’ efforts, in helping to assure things turned out well.

King also reported that Eighth Grade Promotion took place at 7 p.m., on Wednesday, May 25, at the High School.

Other activities will also be taking place, King explained.

“I want to send out a reminder that Summer School begins on June 6 and runs through July 14.”

Discussion surrounded a layout of the lessons within Pearson High School Math, designed for Pecatonica high school students, in a basic-four year math strategy.

The method is structured to balance the development of conceptual understanding, procedural fluency and mathematical applications and modeling.

Certain steps would include interactive learning, with each lesson beginning with an interactive problem-solving section. The question opens class discussion and builds on mathematical practices and proficiencies.

It will also include guided instruction, with each lesson designed to reinforce essential understanding skills.

Instructors could check for comprehension, using the Pearson digital programs with the Chromebooks.

Practice, including tutorial video, online math tools and interactive online homework, would be included.

In the end, the option for assessment and remediation would be achieved, with interactive videos for in-depth study of the daily lesson topic.

According to information released, Math XL would provide assessments with item analysis for each student.

The assessment portion would also encapsulate interactive teacher resources for customized assessments.

New internet service will arrive, with work beginning, hopefully, prior to the scheduled July 1 start date.

The upgrade should help facilitate operations, including the potential for expanded use, with a series of fiber optics carrying the digital load.

Additional protection, via cyber-protection software Go Guardian, should help prevent roving downloads, or non-student friendly electronic information access.

It was reported that it has been discovered that there is a small percentage of kids exploring inappropriate digital information.

It was advised that the Board purchase the cyber-protection program to assure better control and a safer browsing experience.

Trustees with the Pecatonica School Board retired to executive session, as the regular meeting came to a close.

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