Rhubarb Fest

By Jean Seegers


ROCKTON – Rhubarb lovers have flocked to the Rockton Township Historical Society fund-raiser for many years. This year was no exception. Beginning promptly at 6 p.m., Monday May 23, lines started forming at the 529 Green Street location in Rockton.

Historical Society members began baking the delectable rhubarb cakes, pies, cookies, muffins and bread earlier in the week. Volunteer Judy Bates said about 45 pounds of rhubarb was used this year. Shoppers could also purchase raw rhubarb.

Irene Lehske looked over the long table laden with rhubarb goodie. “I come every year,” she said. “This year I’ll take home some raw rhubarb, too.”

Rhubarb Fest is an annual fund-raising event. Members donate all the ingredients and prepare all of the food for the event.  Bates estimates there are currently 50 t0 60 members.

Volunteer Marilyn Mohring said the money raised is what keeps the doors open. “This year we have to replace the museum’s front porch.”

Volunteer Linda Sonneson said the Historical Society is always looking for new members. Anyone interested in joining may call (815) 629-2210 or stop by the museum.

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