By Chris Johnson


PECATONICA – As Trustees met on Tuesday, June 21, a plan was already in place for residents of the Village of Pecatonica. As the regular monthly meeting was nearing completion, Village Clerk Gwen Shirley reported to the Board that the rate adjustment, which had been requested, was about to become realized.

There has been discussion, for some time, which has revolved around what steps Trustees and Village President Dan Barber might have to take, as expenses and expected long-term costs, became more apparent. This, as the Village’s water storage and distribution systems continue to age.

It has also been reported that major expenses await the Village in the realm of assuring clean and safe water is available to residents. The water tower needs a face lift.

Village Engineer Jason Stoll had previously addressed the Village Board explaining that the cost for that project could cross the half-million dollar mark. It was determined that adjustments would be necessary, and in the long run the increase would benefit the Village and its residents.

The increase in the new water rates will be on the next bill. Residents will be paying $5.09 as the base rate and will be charged at $0.54 per 100 gallons of usage.

When residents receive their water bills, three sections are identifiable in which payment is made for usage.

Portion one is the sewer rate. With the development of the waste water treatment plant and the cost for installation and as a result, some delay in making a decision towards new construction, years ago, the cost was passed on to residents.

Residents also pay for their refuse and recycling pick-ups each month as a portion of their water bill.

Each of these categories has an established fund to pay for from the Village’s coffers.

The water rate is determined by the water service coming into the home.

The water bill will reflect the adjustment. For many, that will mean a little extra cost each month.

In other action, as the new fiscal year takes hold, Village leaders received notice that they will be handling their responsibilities for the upcoming cycle.

It is required that all Village employees in administration capacities go through the steps of “pledging allegiance” to the Village and accepting the responsibilities that comes with each position.

Under the Village President’s presentation, during the Tuesday meeting, Village Clerk Gwen Shirley was sworn in and resumed her position at the horseshoe table.

Also accepting their positions were Village Treasurer Nola Markel, Police Chief Bob Smith, Public Works Director Mark Rust, Village Attorney Doug Henry, Building Enforcement Officer Lyle Christen, Building Inspector Casper Manheim and the Board also accepted Chastain & Associates as the engineering firm to oversee Village planning.

Mark Klecker was also appointed for a two-year term on the Planning & Zoning Commission.

In further action, it was announced that the Economic Development Committee will meet next on Monday, July 11 at 6 p.m.

One of the issues which is expected to be discussed revolves around the development, constructing and installation of an informational kiosk to be located near the to be constructed parking area, in an attempt to draw more interest to the recreational and business opportunities in the Village of Pecatonica.

The idea to build a kiosk has been circulating within the Economic Development Committee, the Pecatonica Committee of the Whole and during regular monthly Board action.

The goal has not changed according to reports. Development of the new facility is expected to occur. When the action will commence has not been determined at this time.

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