By Jean Seegers


ROSCOE – At the June 7, Committee of the Whole meeting, Trustees voted  4-2, not to re-appoint Michael Prosser to the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA). Prosser was originally appointed by Village President Dave Krienke.

During public comment, ZBA chairman Jay Durstock asked the board to find a way to re-appoint Prosser.

“Michael has been a very good ZBA member. We don’t want to lose him,” Durstock said.

“According to Parliamentary Procedure, the only way we can bring the issue back, is if one of the Trustees who voted ‘no’ brings it back for a vote,” Trustee Sue Petty said.

“Michael is an excellent asset to the board. He has good ideas, is ethical and cooperative,” fellow board member Mike Lunde said.

“There seems to be a double standard regarding compliance with Village (zoning) standards,” Trustee Carol Gustafson said, following the June 7, meeting. “Mr. Prosser wasn’t forthcoming in regard to family business until after the fact.

“To sit in judgement of other residents says ‘Do as I say, not what I do.’”

Trustee Kevin Muradian said he doesn’t agree with some of the decision Prosser has made.  “Rules need to apply to everyone.”

In a later interview, Prosser said he always tries to do what is best for the Roscoe community.  “The  cooler system at Fire House Pub was not up to code. We paid the fine for a permit.  Now everything is up to code.”

Prosser said Zoning Administrator Scot Sanders is satisfied with the outcome.

“Scott wanted us to build a fence around the unit, which we did.”

Prosser will remain on the ZBA Board until a replacement candidate is nominated by Krienke.

In other business: Doug Hammel from Houseal-Lavigne and Assoc. made recommendations to the Board regarding re-writing and re-examining the Village Zoning code.

Hammel said there are currently 23 zoning districts, 17 of the districts are mapped. He suggested bringing down the number of districts to 13 or 14, eliminate non-confirming lot sizes and maintain a comprehensive plan.

Hammel discussed the issue of paved and curbed street and which should have priority. He maintained that major roads in the Village should take precedence.

Hammel said that the Board should not over-regulate some zoning issues.

“The Zoning Administrator, (Scot Sanders) should be able to sign off on some decisions so that the applicant does not have to repeatedly come in to get approval.”

All six Trustees declined to attend the September IML (Illinois Municipal League) Conference or the d TIF (Tax Increment Financing) conferences in Chicago.  It was decided that President Krienke and Village Administrator Pat De Grave will attend.

Public Works Director Rick Bates reported on vandalism of the lighting at the Kinnikinnick Bike Park.  “The latest one caused about $6,000 in damage,” Bates said.

“We need to put in steel polies and smaller LED lights.  Trustee Gustafson suggested filing a claim with the insurance company and using Rock Energy funds, then make the necessary changes.

The next general meeting and Committee of the Whole meeting will be held June 21, beginning at 6:30 p.m.

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