By Chris Johnson


Municipal leaders, acting in capacity as Committee Member, discussed issues currently facing the Village of Pecatonica during the Thursday, July 7, meeting of the Committee of the Whole. As the evening began a look at the upcoming Cars on Main surfaced.

Discussion had already occurred on public safety for the Saturday, July 23, event, which draws thousands to the village. Assuring there are enough facilities available for visitors, received its due attention.

Issues such as making sure insurance protection is in place and assuring there are enough restrooms and garbage cans for visitors to use received focus.

The Public Works Department assists with the placement of barricades and parking signs.

The Police Department has the responsibility to oversee any issues regarding parking or citizen assistance.

In previous years, Trustees and the Village President donated their time.

The Committee of the Whole addressed its readiness for Cars on Main during their Thursday meeting.

In additional action, Public Works Director and Village Engineer Jason Stoll presented a list of projects to be completed.

Visu-Sewer presented a proposal to assist the village as it installs 2,866 linear feet of eight-inch National Liner. The quote of $82,827.40 included labor, material and equipment as well as mobilization and traffic control and light cleaning, along with the televising of sewers, prior to the installation of liner.

The Village of Pecatonica will need to have point repairs completed on portions of the water transfer systems.

That will mean access to all manholes and water from nearby hydrants will have to be gained. A dump site for captured debris and traffic control, beyond cones and signs, would also need to be arranged.

Kelsey Excavating presented a statement to Committee Members regarding point repairs on the sewer main.

The work included excavation to repair three services at different locations. The work entailed backfill material and piping supplies being used, to replace the three service wye connections.

Certain portions of work, not under the direct oversite of the excavation company, included the removal of existing utilities, which cause conflict with construction. Compaction testing, landscaping, asphalt replacement, sidewalk replacement as well as curb and gutter replacement was not included in the project’s scope. The amount of cost for the project was $17,300.

The Public Works Department also requested the Committee of the Whole take action on the repair or replacement of truck boxes, estimated at $2,200 for repair. A quote from a Dixon equipment sales company listed the cost of a used Crysteel Dump Body, 10 foot by eight foot, at $11,093.75.

The Pecatonica Village Board, when it meets next on Tuesday, July 19, will decide which way the funds should be spent to accommodate the need from the Public Works Department.

The Committee of the Whole was also presented with the commercial and individual water series connection fees. This past billing cycle saw an adjustment, approved by Village Trustees, on their utility bills.

Committee Members will meet next as a Committee of the Whole on Thursday, Aug. 4 at 6 p.m.

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