By Margaret Downing


At the July 11 Loves Park City Council meeting, aldermen approved an ordinance, first and second readings, authorizing the placement of stop signs at Clifford and Dale Avenues. Residents of Park Towers have been concerned with safety issues due to the lack of the stop signs and Alderman Greg Jury thanked the council for its quick response to complaints on the matter.

Mayor Darryl Lindberg received the go-ahead to seek negotiated bids for replacement of double outside doors on the east end of the GPAC Center corridor located within the city hall complex.

A resolution authorizing negotiated bids for facility upgrades at Well No. 3, and another resolution authorizing negotiated bids for replacement of a furnace in the street department building both received approval.

An ordinance providing for a liquor license classification upgrade from a Class D (restaurant beer and wine) to a Class R1 (restaurant full alcohol) for Toast Café and Slots in the 1900 block of E. Riverside Blvd. was approved.

Alderman Clint Little read the police activity reports for the previous two weeks. On the first report covering June 26-July 2, a total of 575 calls for service, 352 arrests, and 10 accidents were logged. From July 3-9, 545 calls for service, 251 arrests, and 12 accidents were reported.

On two weeks of fire department reports, the first one dated July 3, only one smoke or odor investigation call was noted. The second report from July 10, there were three fire alarm calls, one public service call, one mutual aid call, one natural gas leak call, two carbon monoxide or gas leak calls, one wires down call, and four smoke or odor investigation calls were reported.

Chief Phil Foley reported that two businesses were found with above ground storage tanks and no city permits to install or register the tanks. Both have permits now and have applied to the State of Illinois to install them.

The chief also responded to a call received regarding the Ferris Wheel being too close to power lines at the Rockford Speedway. It was determined that it did meet code. He also contacted the Union Pacific Railroad concerning approximately 100 railroad ties stacked under power wires just west of the old Sears store on E. Riverside Blvd. that have been there for about two years and was assured they would be removed.

On June 29 the department participated in the Park Towers cookout, expending 18 man-hours on the event.

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