By Marianne Mueller


A request to build an asphalt plant on property located in the Rockton Rock Quarry has been withdrawn. Robert Schlichting had placed a previous request to annex 42 acres to the Village of Rockton to be zoned as Industrial Use on the property of the Rockton Rock Quarry and asked to be granted permission to activate a special use permit. Plans were to hire estimated 5-10 full time employees and a possible 25 part-time employees. A percentage of tax revenue would also go back into the Village of Rockton per the original proposal.

News broke via a notice from The Village of Rockton on Monday, June 27 that the petitioner, Schlichting was withdrawing his application. In a statement released by the Village of Rockton the public was notified,

“The zoning applications regarding 11150 and 11184 N. Main St., Rockton, (including the proposed asphalt plant) have been withdrawn. Consequently, no further review by the Zoning Board of Appeals will occur and it will not appear before the Village Board of Trustees.”

Additionally, extra scheduled meetings on the subject were cancelled. Specific reasons for the petitioner’s choice to withdraw were not given.

Residents and concerned citizens attended two meetings; the first a Zoning Board of Appeals hearing where Schlichting was accompanied by his attorney, Robert Calgaro, and Steve Shawed, who spoke about environmental and noise issues.

Though the issue was not on the Village Board meeting agenda for June 19 residents filled the Village Municipal Center once again. All who spoke at both either and both meetings voiced strong opposition and cited reasons of health and environmental issues, truck traffic, strong odors, devaluation of property, wildlife preservation, ground water, effects on schools and children. Hundreds of signatures filled a petition against the plant.

Taking things one step further, residents contacted Village President Dale Adams and the Village Board of Trustees to open lines of communication and to express concerns.

Trustee Dave Winters spoke during the new business portion of the Village Board of Trustees meeting.  “I cannot and will not support the asphalt plant even if the consensus is to support it.”

One Trustees response was shared on the Coalition page. “I would not support an asphalt plant anywhere in the Village of Rockton that would impact the quality of life on our residents,” said Trustee Scott Fridly. “I cannot imagine any benefits that could possibly outweigh the numerous negative impacts to the community.”

Cory Magnus and John Peterson remained in communications on the Coalition page.

Justin York opened communications by forming the “Rockton Coalition against the Asphalt Plant.” At the Zoning Board of Appeals meeting York stated that 270 members were in the Coalition. Since then Facebook numbers have grown to 1,974 people. Questions were raised, conversations started, and efforts to continue the fight were outlined. Opponents of the plan went door to door handing out meeting informational flyers, notices of upcoming meetings, and raising awareness.

A committee was formed consisting of Chair: Justin York, Legal- Brendan Caver, Communication, Kristel Despot, and Finance: Linda Bressler.

Residents attended Music in the Park on Wednesday, June 29 where many signed a Thank you letter to be sent to Schlichtling for withdrawing and for the manner in which he handled the situation.


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